2 Ways to Pick the Summer Olympics Events to Watch With Your Kids! by Marylynne Schwartz

2 Ways to Pick the Summer Olympics Events to Watch With Your Kids!

The 2016 Summer Olympics have kicked off in Rio, and my 3-year old-daughter couldn’t be more excited. Does she actually understand what the Olympics are? Well, sort of. I’ve been talking up how the best athletes from around the world will come together to compete for medals. She knows that some of the events are things that she does herself (swimming and gymnastics). However, I suspect the big draw is that she’ll get to watch more television than usual over the two week span of the games. We still don't want our kids to overload on TV, so how can we pick which events to watch as a family? Here are two ideas!

  • Pick based on sports your family appreciates or participates in. 
  • Pick by athletes. I admit to a Team USA bias, but you can likely find cool stories for athletes in every sport and country.

For more kid-relevant information about the games click here!

Elisa Schmitz
Great ideas, Marylynne Schwartz! Hope you're having a great time watching the Olympics with your little champions! xoxo
Naimah Razak
these are great ideas. this made me nostalgic because we had such an amazing time watching the olympics this summer!!

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