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#30SecondMom In-Depth: Mindset Is Everything With Fitness Expert Heather Frey! by Donna John

7 years ago
#30SecondMom In-Depth: Mindset Is Everything With Fitness Expert Heather Frey!

In honor of the Olympics, we talked to our very own Heather Frey, owner and founder of Smashfit, at our #30SecondMom Twitter chat. Much like the Olympic athletes, Heather knows that mindset is everything!  Heather built her hugely successful fitness business by focusing not just on the physical side of fitness, but on the mental and emotional sides as well. Heather offered strategies for how we can all change our mindset and think "differently" to start changing habits, which will help us build our best life. Read on for her tips!

Q: Have you always been into fitness?

I've started and stopped just like so many others. I got so much of it wrong, like so many others but after my second baby I decided I was tired of struggling and feeling invisible so started learning the right way to eat and train. Things really turned when I met my friend, who is a TRAINER. She taught me training and food principals. I hit my goals and I haven’t stopped!

Q: What is a fitness mindset and how can we get one?

A fitness mindset is one that looks for solutions not excuses. It’s a stop-at-nothing attitude so you make the RIGHT choices, even though they’re harder. Generally, the quickie solutions only give you temporary results. Commit to the RIGHT way for lasting results! It’s getting laser focused on your success and not letting anything or anyone, including yourself, get in the way. It takes practice and reminding yourself YOU don’t want to be “here” this time next year. If you start now, by this time next year, you’ll be transformed!

Q: What are four things people can do right now to start their new body?

  • Start eating clean this minute and you'll feel better by the end of the day.
  • Go for a walk right now or take the stairs, jog in place, do 10 squats.
  • Grab some water. Try to drink three 25-ounce sports bottles, more if you can. Hydration is key for energy, which helps motivation and stick-to-it-iveness!
  • Just start DOING! It’s what gets your ball rolling and a rolling ball builds MOMENTUM!

Q: You’ve talked about changing habits to change your body, how do we start?

Start by making a few small changes – eating breakfast, drinking enough water, hitting a minimum of three workouts. Don’t try to make all the changes all at once. It’s hard to stick to and it’s a recipe for giving up. If you can stick with a few changes NO MATTER WHAT, they’ll help motivate the next changes. Once you SEE and FEEL the impact of your changes you’ll want to keep going, which creates HABIT. Again, give yourself the changes you KNOW you need to make and prove to yourself you can.

Q: How do we create a PLAN to get on the right track when it comes to eating?

The very first step is to eliminate foods you KNOW you shouldn’t eat: sweets, fast food, soda. Next, start incorporating foods you KNOW you should eat: protein, veggies and fruit. Don’t worry so much about calories, focus on NUTRIENTS – what does your body need to reach its goals? You need protein (lean meats, eggs or vegetarian protein), greens, good fat and fiber. When you start filling yourself with the good stuff you’ll stop wanting the wrong stuff so much. And there’s nothing more motivating than to SEE these nutrients in the way you look and feel.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you can leave us with to get us motivated?

You can ABSOLUTELY have best body/health of your life. It’s possible, regardless of age of circumstance. But you can’t just want it, you have to WANT it! Fit people aren’t better than anyone they just do what needs to be done – so can YOU. Decide that there is nothing more important than your health, happiness and a solid body. Because it’s those things that will help you achieve everything else and take care of those you love.

Make sure to follow @Smashfit, check out her website, SmashFit.comlike her on Facebook and visit her 30SecondMom page!

Nicole DeAvilla
Can't wait to see you in the chat Heather Frey! You have so much to offer us. xo
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much for your support of #30SecondMom chats, Nicole DeAvilla! You are amazing, chica. Can you please click the RSVP button to the top right of this post so you show up as participating, thanks! See you tomorrow night when we chat with the amazing Heather Frey!! xoxo
lorri langmaid
Can't wait for the chat!!!
Donna John
What a great chat tonight, Heather Frey! You have motivated me to eat breakfast and drink more water -- to start! Great tips from other tribe members, too! Toni B, lorri langmaid, Jan Mostrom, Elisa All 30SecondMom, Chrissy Jones, Chef Gigi Gaggero, Dolores Hall, Holly Budde, Tiffany C to name a few!
Elisa Schmitz
Thanks for the amazing and inspiring chat, Heather Frey! You jumpstarted my day and my FitBit is happy! Thanks, Donna John, for getting this post up so quickly after our chat. You continue to amaze me, my friend. Thanks to all the 30Second Mom community for making #30SecondMom chat the best moms' night in on Twitter! xoxo Jan Mostrom Chrissy Jones Toni B lorri langmaid Chef Gigi Gaggero Holly Budde Holly Love Tiffany C Raquel Masco Nicole DeAvilla
Jan Mostrom
@elisaIt was a great chat with Heather Frey! What a great team!
Nicole DeAvilla
So glad to have the blog post. I was planning on attending the chat but ended up with house full of young people. :) I know it must have been great Heather Frey! xo
Heather Frey
Holy crud.. I'm so sorry I missed the wonderful comments! Thank you soo much Elisa All 30SecondMom for inviting me to be a part of your vision. I'm just so honored. And as kids get back to school and life finds some normalcy, I'll be posting more often. Thank you again!

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