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8 years ago
30Seconds Tribe: Team Spirit, Tips & Stories From Our Awesome Community!

The 30Second Mom tribe was thrilled when they received baseball tee shirts to help show off their team spirit this holiday season from 30Second Mom founder, Elisa All. Elisa’s three active kids inspire her to be “in the know while on the go” – and that inspiration carries throughout the whole 30Second Mom team. We thought we’d share some pics of a few of these amazing women in their team-gear, tell you a little about them and highlight some of their tips. They say it takes a village to raise a family – we think it takes a tribe as well!

Holly Budde
Holly is a Texas-based mom of two girls, a real estate agent, writer and lover of life! She
enjoys being outdoors, traveling, cooking, reading and learning. Holly’s tip range from building relationships to beauty to home organization, and here’s a sampling of them!

How Technology Can Strengthen Relationships with Teens!
Share Pictures of Your Kids Online? Keep This in Mind!
Get Organized! How to Build a DIY Home Command Center
Exhausted? Feeling Down? Give It 15 Minutes; Here’s Why!
What’s the Best Way to Teach Kids Gratitude? Find Out!
Kids Won’t Eat Green Beans? Try This Healthy Recipe!
Drink Your Way to Healthier, Younger-looking Skin
What Longer, Natural-looking Eyelashes? Brush & Base are Key

Holly is also known as a popular host of our #30SecondMom Twitter chats. She has also been a featured expert for the chat on the challenges of parenting teens and tweens and ideas to keep kids busy in the summer! You can check out her blog here, like her Facebook page and follow @tweenspot!

Jane Cabrera
Jane, also known as the “Parent Success Coach,” is from Florida and is the mother of two. The nationally recognized parenting expert is the author of the six-part audio program “The Parent’s Guide to Thriving Through the Teen Years,” and was recently a featured author in the book “Experts Wisdom.” Need help raising your teen or tween? Here’s some of Jane’s advice!

3 Warning Signs of Unhealthy Teen Dating Relationships
Safe Teen Dating: The Facts on Teenage Date Violence
Want to be Heard? Kids Don’t Listen Because We Talk too Much
Want Your Kids to Listen? Check Your Tone of Voice
Active Listening Promotes Self-esteem & Maturity In Kids

Jane also hosted an informative chat on money freedom strategies! Follow @JanCabrera3 and like her on Facebook!

Francielle Daly
Francielle is a Chicago-based wife and mom. She’s also the founder of, an online community where moms support and encourage each other through the motherhood journey. As a former single mom, she is full of wisdom for all moms! Here are some of her tips!

“Let’s Talk”: Fun Tool for Effective Family Communication!
Kids Eat Free: Free App Helps You Find Dining Hot Spots!
What’s Your Child’s Love Language? Here’s How to Find Out!
Newborn Babies & Tongue Tie: How It Affects Breastfeeding
Having a Baby: 3 Tips to Feel Empowered/Supported Postpartum

Be sure to follow @_FullTimeMom, like her Facebook page and visit her website!

Ingrid Echter
Ingrid is an Estonia-born, Bay Area-based single mom of a toddler daughter. As a child of divorced parents and a divorcee, she chooses to be happy after divorce and to be a role model for parents who want happiness for their kids – and themselves – regardless of the past. Ingrid’s tips will inspire any mom who’s been – or is going through – a divorce. Check out these must-read tips from a mom who’s been there, done that!

Looking for Extra Time for You, Mom? Try This Simple Trick!
Life After Divorce: 5 Wonderful Pros of Shared Custody!
Life After Divorce: Your Actions Affect Your Child’s Future!
Choose to Be Happy After Divorce: How to Find Gratitude!
Choose To Be Happy After Divorce: 7 Tips for Forgiveness!
Holidays & Divorce: 7 Tips for Your Self-Help Toolbox!

Follow @IEchter and like her on Facebook!

Christie Gosch
Based in the beautiful state of Colorado, Christie is a graphic designer, teacher, jewelry maker, grassroots counselor, boot camper and mom of two active kids. She says she works from home – but is never there! Most recently, Christie created an educational placemat to help kids become more independent at home. Christie’s tips help moms in all areas of their lives. Check some of them out!

Savor Time with Teens: Why Even this Chore is a Privilege!
Child-size Tools for Kids Make Helping Out a Fun Activity!
Create a Child-friendly Environment to Foster Independence
This Educational Placemat Helps Foster Kids’ Independence!
Timing is Everything: How to Use a Timer as a Parenting Tool
Have Meat, Produce, Dairy Foods Delivered by Local Sources
Stressed? Kids Driving You Crazy? Give Yourself a Timeout!
Stay Germ Free as Possible by Tossing Kids’ Leftovers

Christie hosted a fun chat on involving kids in holiday activities! Like Christie on Facebook and follow @cgoschdesign!

Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Mindy is a Speech-Language Pathologist, co-founder of Achieve Executive Functioning Coach, writer and mother of “twin-agers.” Life keeps her busy – she’s a black belt, triathlete and runner – and she is passionate about helping moms help their kids! Child development is important to Mindy, and it resonates in her tips. Here are a few!

More Traditional Toys Help Baby’s Language Development!
Mr. Rogers’ Words Help Shield Our Children from Violence
How Does Helicopter Parenting Affect Kids’ Mental Health?
Stress Can Impact Your Child’s Learning – Find Out Why!
Avoid Homework Headaches: 6 Ways to Help Kids with Studying
What You Should Know About Kids & Executive Functioning
4 Steps to Alleviate Anxiety & Ease Transitions at School
Commit to Getting Fit & Healthy with a 30-Day Ab Challenge

Mindy hosted chats on executive functioning and language development in kids, and also shared why it rocks to be part of the 30Second Mom tribe! Learn more about Achieve Executive Functioning Coach here, follow @MindyHudon and like her on Facebook!

Donna John
Donna is a Texas-based mother of three grown (almost) kids and one adorable grandson, editor, writer and Senior Digital Producer for 30Second Mom. There’s not a recipe she won’t try, a plant she won’t attempt to grow or a place she’s not interested in traveling to – one day! Donna keeps up with the latest news and trends to pass on to the community. Here’s an assortment!

Restless Leg Syndrome: 5 Ways to Relieve RLS Symptoms!
Fitness Bingo: Fun & Creative Way to Exercise & Get in Shape
Dirty Dozen List: Foods You May Want to Buy Organic
Buh-bye, Sour Cream! Try This Healthier Taco Topper
Love to Grill? Try This Fruity Idea for Your Summer Cookouts
Skip the Mixers & Make This Fresh Pina Colada Recipe!
Dinner in Under 20? Try This Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Recipe!
Build a Home Library While Preserving Travel Memories
Gardening with Kids: Grow an Avocado Tree from Just a Pit

Like Donna on Facebook and follow @donnas92!

Chrissy Jones
Chrissy is a Chicago-based mom of three who’s committed to raising her kids in the city. She created, a curated collection of the coolest things to do around town with kids – beyond the playground. Chrissy recently became a Vice President for 30Second Mobile, so stay tuned for big things ahead! Chrissy might live in the big city, but her tips will help moms in any setting!

When Life Gives You Snow, Make Ice Cream! Here’s the Recipe!
Parenting Goal: 3 Ways to Become the “Fun Mom” to Your Kids!
Want to Save Time Feeding Your Kids Breakfast? Try This!
Get a Jump on Breakfast by Prepping the Night Before
Reverse Hair Washing: Healthier, Shinier-looking Hair
Disconnect from Mobile Devices & Spend More Family Time
Social Skills: How to Teach Your Kids To Make Eye Contact

Check out Chrissy’s website here, like her Facebook page and follow @Beyondthepark1!

Pam McCormick
Living in Michigan, Pam is the mother of three, a dance teacher, creative consultant and blogger/writer. She’s an eternal optimist that transforms the chaos of daily life into dance! Dancing isn’t the only activity Pam enjoys to do with her family. Read some of her tips on other fun things to do with your kids!

Get Moving with Kids: Finger Play Dance Is Fun & Active
Cold Weather Keeping Kids In? Have an Indoor Snowball Fight
Daily Dose of “CompliNotes” Helps You Connect with Family
Fun Winter Freeze Activity: What You Can Do with Wet Clothes
Cold Weather “Magic” Science Experiment with Kids
Unplugged Play: Magnets & Cookie Sheet are Educational Fun
Star Light, Star Bright: Enjoy Stargazing with Your Family
Tea & Talk: Family Tea Parties Promote Fun & Bonding

Fun Family Activity: “DJ Daddy” Gets Kids & Parents Moving

Visit Pam’s website,, follow @dancinmoma and like her Facebook page!

Elaine McGhee
Elaine is the California-based founder of and working mom support coach. She helps moms confidently go back to work after maternity leave, and helps them find balance as working moms. But her tips can help all moms – regardless of their working status!

Are You Meal Planning the Wrong Way? Find Out!
Saying “No” Can Be as Sexy as How Skinny Jeans Feel
Childproofing Your Home: 3 Tips from a Babyproofing Pro!
Maternity Leave: 5 Return-to-Work Myths – Busted!
3 Ways Busy Moms can Take Control of Their Time (and Lives)

Stop by Elaine’s website,, follow @ThriveMomma and like her on Facebook!

Jan Mostrom
Jan is a Chicago-based mom of two girls who focuses on family and relationships. As a foster mom, she has extended family that includes nine kids fostered through a temporary agency. This amazing woman can whip up a batch of homemade granola and fix her own drain! Check out some of her tips!

Own a Juicer? Try This Easy, Delicious Green Juice Recipe!
Exercise May Increase Health Immunity by Up to 30 Percent

Comfort Food: Make Your Own Healthy Homemade Granola
Slow Drain? DIY Fix So You Don’t Have to Pay the Plumber
Make Fresh, Warm Restaurant-Style Tortilla Chips In Minutes
Aches & Pains When You Exercise? You May Need New Footwear
Cool Cocktail: Make Easy Blended Margaritas In Minutes!

Like Jan on Facebook and follow @j_mostrom!

Kaira Rouda
Kaira is a California-based mother of four, award-winning author, entrepreneur and believer in all things positive and real. Here’s just a few of her “Real You with Kids” tips!

Real You with Kids: Family Traditions Provide Stability
Real You with Kids: Labels can be Deceiving; Read Carefully
Real You with Kids: 3 Tips for Smooth Family Travels
Real You with Kids: Stressed? Time for a Date with a Friend
Real You with Kids: The 12 Gifts of Motherhood
Real You with Kids: Start Your Meal with Salad or Veggies

Check out Kaira’s books here, visit her website,, follow @kairarouda and like her Facebook page!

Kelly Wonderlin
Kelly is an Austin-based mom, stepmom and partner at a magazine company. Sometimes life can be hectic, but she enjoys every second of the journey she’s on! Her family motto is, “It truly is a wonderful Wonderlin life!” She helps other moms live a wonderful life, too, with her timely tips. Here are a few!

Twitter Chats: 3 Tips to Help You Chat Like a Pro!
Kids & Tech Time: 4 Tips to Help Teach Boundaries!
New Baby Survival Guide: 5 Must-Know Tips for Moms
Create a Color Calendar Schedule for Children of Divorce
5 Ways to Help Your Older Child Adjust to a New Baby Sibling
No Sleep? No Problem! 3 Beauty Tips to Fake It
Teaching Colors: Lots of Learning Happens Outside of School

Kelly hosted a Twitter chat and discussed blended families and step-parenting! Visit her website here, follow @kellywonderlin and like her on Facebook!

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Elisa Schmitz
There are no words to describe how much I love this! Thanks for putting it all together, @donna. Happy holidays to our 30Seconds tribe! xoxo
Holly Budde
love You Elisa!! So much fun, so inspiring and so many blessed friendships ❤️❤️
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Holly Budde! I just can't imagine 30Seconds without you. You are a blessing and I'm grateful for you. Merry Christmas, my friend! xoxo
Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love this post featuring Holly Budde, Jane Cabrera, Francielle Daly, Ingrid Echter, Christie Gosch, Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP, Donna John, Chrissy Jones, Pam McCormick, Elaine McGhee, Jan Mostrom, Kaira Rouda, Meredith Schneider and Kelly Wonderlin! So many other amazing 30Seconds contributors, and we hope to feature them soon. Happy holidays to our entire tribe and #30Seconds community! xoxo
Kim Kusiciel
ThIs is a great way to "get to know" all of you!! Well done!

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