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Jennifer Young Talks Fitness & Exercise Challenges for Moms! by Donna John

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Jennifer Young Talks Fitness & Exercise Challenges for Moms!

Are you in a health and fitness slump? You’re not alone! A fitness challenge may be just what you need to jumpstart your health goals. 30Second Mom contributor Jennifer Young is a wife, mother and preschool teacher who also helps others to achieve their fitness goals. She believes in the power of fitness challenges to inspire others on the road to health. Read on for great tips from Jennifer to help you get moving down your road to health!

Q. What is the purpose of a health fitness challenge?
To help motivate and assist in reaching a health or fitness goal.

Q. How long do these challenges last?
Most challenges last 30 days or a month. The length of the challenges depends on the task and the goal set to reach. Some challenges are big but broken into smaller ones.

Q. What does that mean, “some challenges are big but broken into smaller ones?”
Some of us have are large goal at the end or want a longer challenge, so to keep focused we break it down – each smaller challenge has a new end goal. To keep things interesting the challenge task might change but the final goal is the same.

Q. Aren’t health and fitness challenges the same thing?
Yes and no. The way I see it is, health is about our diet (eating) and fitness is about moving (exercise). A health challenge will consist of drinking more water and adding better foods to your life. A health challenge could also be omitting something unhealthy from you diet each day. Where as a fitness challenge will encourage us to move, complete a physical task.

Q. Do challenges have to be done in a group or alone?
That all depends on the individual. Most challenges I’ve done have been via Internet. Each day, at some point, you check in with the completion of the challenges task. Some challenges are done alone – the individual writes down the progress or just keeps mental notes. I have found there is more motivation in participating in a challenge with a group.

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