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Get It Together This Holiday Season With Tips & Ideas From Eirene Heidelberger! by Donna John

7 years ago
Get It Together This Holiday Season With Tips & Ideas From Eirene Heidelberger!

Does December stress you out? Always rushing around during the holidays?
Feel like you just can’t get it together?
Breathe, we’ve got you! Our very own 30Second Mom contributor Eirene Heidelberger, aka @GIT_Mom, is here to help! The mom of three boys shared her ideas and inspiration to help you have a much more relaxed holiday season. Grab a cup of coffee and read on!

Q: What does getting it together mean to you?
Getting my life in order and feeling happy about the direction I’m moving towards. Getting on top of my to-do list. Feeling mentally zen about myself and my home life.

Q: What tools do you use to get it together?
I workout and use meditation to clear my brain to help me think and feel better mentally and physically. I make lists to keep track of all my “balls in the air.” I use a planner or smartphone calendar to keep track of both mine and my family activities and events. Whatever method works for you, use it! Write down what you want and need to accomplish so it doesn’t clog your brain.

Q: What are things moms should do to get themselves ready for the holidays?
Get organized! Make a list of everything you need to do from now until December 31. Find your calendar and plop each task in day by day for when you can accomplish. Be choosy about the activities you commit to, like parties and school commitments. My favorite tip: Prep your wardrobe so you’re not scrambling for party outfits.

Q: What can you do for your kids to keep them and you calm during the holidays?
Keep kids’ schedules as normal as possible. This is crucial! Be choosy about their commitments and don’t be afraid to say NO to invites. Set up babysitting swaps with mom friends so you can have uninterrupted quiet time at home to get things done.

Q: What are areas in your life that you just can’t seem to get it together?
The never-ending to-do list. Accomplishing errands. Finding time to workout. (Click here for five tips to get on track.) Paying bills on time and managing household paperwork. Moms are constantly catering to other’s needs; nurture YOU so you can keep giving.

Q: Let’s talk about getting it together within your home, where do you struggle most?
Carve out a staging area for your holiday things so you know where they are and to keep your home tidy. Choose a holiday decorating completion date and stick to it. Finish up so you can enjoy your beautiful home and not live in chaos! Stay home! Pick one night a week where your entire family stays in and everyone re-groups. Pick one day to attack the house and make it sparkle so you’re not always cleaning and feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Q: What distracts you from getting it together?
I am always pulled in a million directions and I simply lack focus. I don’t have enough time and I lack efficient planning skills. I just feel tired all of the time. Set aside time every day for accomplishing tasks and tell everyone so you’re more accountable to getting them done.

Wonderful insights into how we can get it together this holiday season! Get more tips by visiting Eirene’s website,, and be sure to like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter

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