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Pregnant? Get Pregnancy Survival Tips From Charong Chow of Preggie App! by Donna John

8 years ago
Pregnant? Get Pregnancy Survival Tips From Charong Chow of Preggie App!

Pregnancy is an incredible time in a woman’s life, but it can also be a confusing time: What can I do about morning sickness? Breast or bottle? Where can I find support from other moms-to-be? What’s up with my body? That’s why 30Second Mom contributor Charong Chow of Preggie App joined us recently to share tips to help moms-to-be make the most of those nine months! 

Q. What’s your top pregnancy tip for new moms-to-be?

Q: Pregnancy is such a challenging time. What did you love most about being pregnant? Or dislike?
I loved being pregnant! Everyone was so kind. I never waited in long lines and I loved feeling baby kicks! (Here are some funny videos on Why I Love or Hate Being Pregnant!) When your bump gets too big, ask your husband to give you pedicure!

Q. Did you have any crazy pregnancy cravings? And do you have healthy recipe ideas for pregnant moms?
I didn’t actually have any pregnancy cravings. I saw a RD for my first baby. It really helped. (Here are some yummy recipes with healthy food for pregnant moms!)

Q. Any baby shower ideas for first-time moms?
We love elegant, gender-neutral DIY baby showers. (Here are some baby shower ideas!) Check out this easy, elegant DIY baby shower from one of our Preggie users here!

Q. Do you have any breastfeeding tips?
Here are 20 smart and funny breastfeeding tips for new moms!

Q. Any maternity clothing tips, especially office recommends as your bump grew?
I love Kinwolfe’s dresses! They’re perfect for work and going out and you can breastfeed in them. Here’s the rubber band trick and more pregnancy fashion tips! I love Mothers in Protest on IG! Amazing stylish bump pics. We interviewed the founder! (Read the interview here!)

Q. How did you announce your pregnancy? Did you wait until the second trimester?
I did wait until 15 weeks to tell the world! But it’s hard with social media to keep your pregnancy hidden. (Here are some creative and funny pregnancy announcements!)

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