Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Jessica Alba & Ali Landry on Moms Judging and Bullying by Donna John

7 years ago
Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Jessica Alba & Ali Landry on Moms Judging and Bullying

Caitlyn Jenner isn’t the only celebrity speaking out against bullying. But the latest two victims are not kids – they’re moms. Celebrity moms Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff have felt the sting of other moms criticizing and judging their parenting. Mommy bullying? Unfortunately, it’s nothing new.

Hilary Duff recently shared with ET some of her experiences in the mommy judgement ring – and it started with her delivery of son, Luca. “The biggest things that stand out for me was choosing to have an epidural,” she told ET. “I felt very judged by some people. Also, once I had breastfed for a certain amount of time and I was starting to work and starting to supplement with formula, I felt judged then.”

Hilary and her sister, Haylie Duff, who has also felt judged as a new mom, hope to bring awareness to mom-on-mom bullying through their Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign with Similac. “… I think women and families need to boost each other up instead of, you know, bullying one another,” Hilary said.

Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company, shared similar stories with Yahoo! Parenting. “I know as a mom – and as a new parent – I felt confused. And I felt judged,” she told Yahoo! Parenting. “Doesn’t it feel like the mean girl thing from high school sort of just transforms into adulthood through motherhood?”

Jessica reminds moms that what works for you may not work for other moms. “There is no right or wrong,” she said. “I think we as women – and as moms – we need to show younger girls that we support each other no matter what. And to try and not be so judgmental.”

Actress Ali Landry, founder of Favored.by, told 30Second Mom that many moms tend to have opinions about the way other moms raise their kids. Her advice? “Just support each other and not be judgmental. Love more, judge less.”

Why all the judging, criticizing and bullying? We’re all in this together. Let’s tune down the negativity and tune up our compassion, camaraderie and caring for one another. After all, we are all raising the next generations. Everyone is different, unique and sees things in different ways. It’s what makes the word go ‘round. And who are we to judge?

Watch this inspiring video from the Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign.

“If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead. Because the reality is, I can take it. But for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn’t have to take it.” – Caitlyn Jenner

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