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Let's Talk Fitness! How to Keep Your Family Active With Deb Lowther! by Donna John

8 years ago
Let's Talk Fitness! How to Keep Your Family Active With Deb Lowther!

Many parents want to stay fit, but feel they don’t have time because of the kids. According to Deb Lowther, the key is to stay active as a family! Deb is passionate about raising active families and her latest biz, BoomerNutrition, just launched! She joined us recently to share her tips on staying fit as a family!

Q: Is being active something your family does together?
A: Yes! I schedule family weekend outings that are active. Raising a healthy family is easier when the family focuses on being active together. It can be as simple as going to park or starting a pajama parade after dinner and walk around block.

Q: How do you encourage your kids to get outside and get active?
A: Create an activity jar with pieces of cardstock and ideas on each of activities they love. Do family activities together that are active like geocaching, bike riding, soccer. Having some outdoor toys on hand that inspire them always works.

Q: Are you active? How do your kids see you participate in an active setting?
A: Yes. We schedule kids’ activities and get them there, so we schedule time for our fave activities, too. Kids see us go to the gym two to four times a week, we run two to three times a week. We teach and include our kids in some of our favorite activities like golf and tennis.

Q: Do you know the benefits of YOU staying active as you get older?
A: If you #Fit30 minutes of activity you get all these health benefits. Building strength does more than just add muscle tone. Find something you love and commit to it. (Here’s great advice from @BoomerNutrition on getting started at gym!)

Q: What are ideas that work for your family staying active together?
A: Create new traditions. Mother’s Day Bike rides, Thanksgiving Day hikes, Father’s Day rock climbing, golf! Sign up for fun events together like a color run. Our family loved this one! We take up new sports together. Kids do triathlons, so we tried one. We all ski, all run, all bike.

Q: What new family adventures are on your summer bucket list to stay active together?
A: Water slides, Frisbee at the beach, hike to a new waterfall, learn to geocache. Took my husband and to play laser tag for Father’s Day and what fun! Totally sweating and laughing the whole time! My kids are tweens so want to do more yoga together as a family. Hubby, too!

Q: Any tips for a family that wants to get more active together?
A: Being organized is key! (Great tips here!) Getting a new puppy made us even more active than we already were! If you want things to change, you have to change things! (Tips on being a healthier family here!)

Be sure to check out Deb’s website,, like her on Facebook and follow @Deb_Lowther and @BoomerNutrition!

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