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Celebrity Makeup Artist Stephen Dimmick Dishes On GlossiGirl! by Donna John

8 years ago
Celebrity Makeup Artist Stephen Dimmick Dishes On GlossiGirl!

Celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick is famous for saying, “If you ain’t a
nice person, makeup won’t help.”
Well, Stephen’s new line of lipsticks certainly may! GlossiGirl is a vegan/cruelty-free line of luscious lip colors with a motto of, “True beauty comes from life’s experiences.” With shades ranging from “Kick’n Ass” to “Max’d Out,” the
brand embodies Stephen’s fierce, yet fun, spirit. Stephen joined us recently to share
tips to help women shine!

Q: Why did you start the GlossiGirl makeup line?
A. “It was time to bring makeup back to simple basics. I want women to feel good. Not just look good. I’ve never been one to believe ‘these things happen to other people.’ I am worthy of success. This is too often forgotten.”

Q: Congrats on all the press and success! What makes GlossiGirl unique?
A: “I’ve combined my experience of high fashion with real-world life. GlossiGirl is a line of pigment-rich products that has multiple uses. We want to dispel beauty myths for all 30Second Moms! GlossiGirl is a place to come to share life experiences. We grow through sharing.”

Q: How are you juggling a busy life as celebrity makeup artist and now an entrepreneur? Any tips?
A: “I have friends to talk to when it becomes too much. Breathe, meditate, take walks when it gets overwhelming. Feelings of giving up is a sign that you need to open your eyes wider. Exercise. Usually late at night when no one else is up.”

Q: Advice for those who dream of starting a business but lack confidence?
A: “It’s OK to lack confidence. Just do it anyway. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Learn EVERYTHING! Just because it may be your field of expertise, stay teachable.”

“I just love how you care so much about women!”@brandy42217058

Q: You say, “If you ain’t a nice person, makeup won’t help.” Tell us your beauty philosophy.
A: “Ugliness is internal. Just as much as beauty is. Remember, your kids are learning from your behavior. Teach them REAL beauty. Random acts of kindness are a must.”

Q: What is your favorite shade of GlossiGirl lipstick and what are your tips for gorgeous lips?
A: “Tough question. I love GG Poison Apple and GG Kick’n Ass. I love using a baby toothbrush to exfoliate lips once a week. Sounds too simple, but DRINK WATER. I love mine with the juice of two lemons. Laugh! Nothing more gorgeous that laugh lines around the eyes with a happy pout.”

“My daughter stole my GlossiGirl lipstick so I need to place another order! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Best creme EVER!”@CJAllDressedUp

Q: Any last words of GlossiGirl inspiration for your 30Second Mom sistahs?
A: “Being brave doesn’t mean you can’t be scared. Be kind, you never know who’s day you’ll change. Makeup doesn’t make you beautiful. Your attitude does. Doubt kills more dreams than failure EVER will.”

And one last tip from Stephen: “Tinted moisturizer! Perfect for my 30Second Moms. It not only moisturizes your skin, but evens your skin tone in seconds!”@GlossiGirl

Be sure to follow @DailyDimmick and @GlossiGirl on Twitter, like his Facebook page and visit!

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