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Family Vacation & Staycation Tips With Dawn Lantero! by Donna John

9 years ago
Family Vacation & Staycation Tips With Dawn Lantero!

Taking a family vacation – or is a staycation in the cards this year? Dawn Lantero of SPLASH Parenting has tips on how to rock your family vacation or staycation! Dawn is a parenting expert, mom of four, world traveler and 30Second Mom contributor who has traveled the globe with her family. Here are her ways to make your vacation work!

Q: What is your No. 1 tip for family vacations?
Get the whole family involved in planning the fun! Think about including activities that appeal to all family members. Ask older kids to research activities in the area and give you their opinions about how time and money should be spent.

Q: How do you deal with the pressure to keep everyone happy 24/7?
Keep expectations realistic (or low) especially when traveling with little ones. Delegate decisions where possible, so it isn’t all on you! Be mindful of kid’s physical limits. They will NEED to be fed, hydrated and rested! Plan accordingly!

Q: You have traveled to foreign countries with your four children. What did you learn from those experiences?
Be flexible! Sometimes travel requires last minute adjustments for spontaneous opportunities! Do your research. Understanding the places you’re are visiting and what they have to offer is key. Be open to discovering local cultures. We prefer to rent a flat or a villa in a village instead or staying at an international hotel chain.

Q: What are the biggest mistakes parents make when traveling with kids?
Not planning any down time, travelers need relaxation in addition to stimulation. Not communicating expectations. Kids want to understand what they are in for and what behavior you expect from them. Leaving their sense of humor at home. Nothing is worse than a stressed out, cranky parent on vacation.

Q: Vacations are so expensive, how can we afford one?
Setting a goal, saving money for a trip and planning it around a budget are wonderful lessons for your children. Plan way in advance. You will never regret traveling with your family. Maybe in the moment but not in the long run. How can you afford not to? Vacations give you and your family the most precious memories of all!

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