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Healthy Living: How to Fit in Fitness With Meredith Schneider! by Donna John

8 years ago
Healthy Living: How to Fit in Fitness With Meredith Schneider!

Moms are busy. But do you use that as an excuse to not exercise, or to not eat healthy? 30Second Mom contributor and healthy lifestyle coach Meredith Schneider, mom of four, was on hand recently to share her tips for fitting in fitness throughout your busy life!

Q: How does a busy mom of four find the time to exercise?
First off, I don’t find the time. I make the time! We have more time than we think. How do you make time? Open your calendar and schedule your workouts. Make it non-negotiable. Share your schedule and your health and fitness goals with your family.

Q: What creative ways have successfully fit fitness into your busy lifestyle?
I have my kids join me. Double bonus! I’m working out and they are burning off energy. Take your workout outside. Give the kids chalk and tell them to have a drawing contest. Take your kids and workout to the park! Run, do pull-ups, push-ups with your feet on the swing. Rainy day workout – making workout stations in the house gets everyone involved and cures boredom.

Q: How do you motivate yourself to exercise on days that you just don’t want to?
Looking at my before picture and seeing how far I have come motivates me to get moving. I remember how awful it was to hit rock bottom and don’t want to experience or have my kids see me at my worst again. I remind myself how amazing I feel afterwards. Proud and full of energy. Others looking to me for inspiration and motivation helps me stay accountable. Sharing it can be done is powerful.

Q: What about healthy eating? How do you avoid junk and fuel up on the go?
The first step to avoiding junk food? I don’t buy any! I stock up my fridge full of healthy goodness! Lots of veggies and fruit. I eat before leaving the house. Or I arm myself with a piece of fruit, sliced veggies or almonds in my purse.

Q: Give us your top easy, but healthy, go-to meals and snacks!

  • Double healthy meal: roasted chicken, then use leftovers for soup.
  • Homemade hummus with sliced veggies makes a great healthy snack.
  • Old school popping our own popcorn is a great healthy snack with no chemicals.
  • Easy weekend breakfast is homemade pancakes. Make a double batch to have during the week to throw in the toaster.
  • Any kind of fruit is the best fast food! Always have in your kitchen bananas, apples, strawberries and oranges.
  • Healthy dinner: broiled salmon with Greek yogurt topping.

Q: How do I begin my health and fitness journey with you?
Let’s connect on Facebook here. For daily inspiration, motivation and health and fitness tips be sure to like my page here. Message me your email if you would like to be the first notified when my Vlog launches and follow me on Twitter!

Ann Marie Patitucci
Such great tips for busy parents, Meredith Schneider ! Thank you!
Meredith Schneider
Oh my goodness Donna John & Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! This just popped up on my 'on this day' Facebook timeline. Where did 3 years go?! Tips remain the same because consistency is KEY to crushing our goals! xoxoxo
Donna John
That was THREE years ago??? Wow. Consistency is key, but hard! Meredith Schneider Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Meredith Schneider
I know right!? Donna John, where has the time gone? It's gonna fly no matter what! GO GO GO! #NoExcuses

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