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Sticking to Your Goals With Angie Mozilo, the Mom of Many Hats! by Donna John

9 years ago
Sticking to Your Goals With Angie Mozilo, the Mom of Many Hats!

It’s that time of year: the goals you set for the New Year are starting to feel unattainable, a bit too challenging. Angie Mozilo says don’t give up! Angie is a certified re-discovery coach and founder of Arizona Mom of Many Hats and Woman Up Movement, and she kindly shared her ideas and inspiration to help get us back on track!

Q: Do you make New Year’s goals? Are you successful in reaching them? What kinds of goals do you set?
A: Almost 50 percent of people make New Year’s goals. Only about 10 percent have long-term success at the New Year’s goals they set. The most popular goals are typically getting healthy, getting organized, time with family and learning something new. Other popular goals: falling in love, saving money, enjoying life. We tend to make very large/broad goals.

“I set goals for fitness, money and hobbies/projects,” says Toni B., (@rychepet). “My goal this year is to finish my Snoopy quilt from my old T-shirts.” Kelly Hubbard (@kjh63) is on the road to success with her goal. “I am proud to say I am no longer drinking soda!”

Q: What are some of the things that kept you from reaching your goals?
A: Very broad based goals can be hard to reach. Dream big but get focused and narrow down your goals. Have a strategy in place to reach them.

“Accept that not everything needs to be perfect,” says Toni B., (@rychepet). “Progress is better than none!” “Yes, but I strive on perfection,” adds @CorreyHope. “But I see as I get older, I breathe and let it go.” Good advice!

Q: What were some of the things that helped you reach them?
A: Having a clear understanding of why you want to reach your goal. Taking personal accountability for the success of your goals. Knowing that you need to understand, work around and work with the obstacles you face. Knowing that it’s OK to not be perfect and not to get it right the first time. Not giving up. Getting back in the game when you stumble.

“That’s right!” says 30SecondMom contributor Benita Hampel, (@BenitaWizeHouse). “Don’t cave in or lose heart.”

Q: How do you create a plan in place to help you be more successful in reaching goals?
A: Narrow your focus in your goal – get specific and define it. Example: Broad goal is get healthy. Defined goal is eat healthier by reducing fast food. Create smaller goal categories that support broad/general goal. Work them individually.

“Look at the big picture and have an end goal in sight,” says Eirene Heidelberger (@Git_Mom). Sandra VanBuskirk (@ssony711) suggests starting small, taking baby steps and working up from there. “Stick to it and ask for help, if needed,” she adds.

Q: What if you have a plan, but get off track. What do you do?
A: You will face challenges. Anticipate what those may be, then know how you will deal with them. Map out actions you need to take to move you in a positive direction toward your goal. Example: To eat healthier, keep healthy options at hand, don’t skip meals, substitute one beverage a day with water.

Tiffany C. (@sweetmatcha) understands getting off track, but has a plan. “I set time for myself, like at least one hour, to do my own thing,” she says. “I make an effort, make a list, stay focused … and be your own drill sergeant!” “And if you reached it once, you can reach it again! Probably easier the second time around!” adds Sherry Bracy, (@sherrybracy). Angie DePue (@angiedepue) writes it all down and has good family and friends to support her. @Git_Mom turns big projects into segments. “I’m writing a book proposal, and it’s one piece at a time.”

Q: What do you do if you have reached a goal, but only have temporary success?
A: Look at the process as a learning opportunity. Don’t approach the process as a punishment or deprivation, but a positive change. Commit the changes you make to habit. Make them a part of your lifestyle, not just a single step in life. Re-map your steps, and start again. Don’t Give Up! OWN YOUR WHY! Not the why for anyone else, but your own personal WHY. Grant yourself and those around you grace while you are making positive changes.

“Decide if it’s something you really want. If so, keep at it and get help if you need it. Breathe, re-evaluate and keep at it. Great goals are worth it!” says Toni B., (@rychepet).

Q: Sometimes we feel guilty for working on ourselves. How do we address that?
A: Remember that it is OK to work on YOU. You need to recharge and grow you to best grow others! You have gifts, talents and dreams that are worthy of being nourished. As you work on you, you show others, your kids, how to work on themselves. You work hard, and YOU DESERVE IT!

“I really don’t feel guilty,” says Sandy VanBuskirk, (@ssony711). “I am worth it and need to do it for my family. They are worth it, too!”

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