Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Mom: 6 Things Moms Really Want for Valentine's Day by Donna John

3 years ago

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Mom: 6 Things Moms Really Want for Valentine's Day

Time is obviously a mom’s most important asset, based on 30Seconds research. We asked a bunch of moms what they really wanted for Valentine’s Day, and while it’s true that many of us love our chocolates and flowers, what topped the list most often was time.

6. Time with Partner
What’s missing most from Mom’s life? Time with her significant other! Date nights are important all the time, but hold even higher importance on Valentine’s Day. So what are moms’ favorite ways to spend date night?

Michelle Johnson (@chellez437) says she enjoys sushi and drinks followed by a movie. Sandy VanBuskirk (@ssony711) and her hubby take a walk on the beach under the stars. Whatever your pleasure, 30Seconds contributor Holly Budde (@tweenspot) reminds us it won’t always be perfect. “We all pay too much for hurried dinners, flowers and candy,” she says. “We should pick a day and let go of perfectionism.”

5. Time for Her Body
What does Mom enjoy for her body? Time with her massage therapist! “I will straight up fall asleep every time when I get a massage! Ahhh, best thing ever!” says Jana, (@janabananaky). 30Seconds contributor Mindy Hudon (@MindyHudon) wants it all! “Yes to massage! Yes to facials! Yes to pedicures! Just yes, yes, yes!” 30Seconds contributor Meredith Schneider (@merber38) agrees. “I’ll take the entire spa menu, please!” she says.

4. Time in Bed
What does Mom crave constantly? More time in her bed! “I’m up at 6 Monday through Friday and 9 to 10 on weekends. Hubby knows I’m no bueno without enough sleep,” says Schneider. “Mine just stays out of the way when I’m tired!” Robin M. Budde has the problem figured out for Valentine’s Day. “I’m sleeping in. The girls promised no foul play!”

3. Time Off from Chores
What does Mom do too much of? Cooking and cleaning! She needs time with her favorite delivery or maid service! “Wouldn’t that be a godsend? OMG, I’d be in heaven!” says Sherry Bracy, (@sherrybracy). Gina Valley (@GinaValley) agrees. “A clean house, not cleaned by me, would be a close second on my list,” she says.

2. Time Away from Kiddos
Mom loves her kids, but she sees them a lot. She needs time off from her children! “It’s so healthy to have time off to recharge and focus on the job at hand,” says 30Seconds contributor Benita Hampel (@BenitaWizeHouse). “Yes!” agrees Schneider. “Nothing wrong with recharging!” Budde points out another positive of time away from the kids. “Mom and kids need time to explore alone,” she says. “Conversations are priceless if we engage our kids with these experiences.”

1. Time for Herself
What’s the No. 1 thing Mom needs? More time to herself! Even if it’s just for errands or a quiet cup of coffee! “Love, love, love and listen, listen, listen, and then leave me alone, please!” says 30Seconds contributor Mei Marcie (@MarcieMom).

How you spend your alone time is up to you, but Schneider has a healthy suggestion. “All moms need exercise every day! Great stress release and keeps immune system super strong!” VanBuskirk agrees, “but maybe just time for a hot bubble bath, that is enough for me.”

BONUS: Jewelry!
You didn’t think we could end this list without adding that one material thing that all moms love, did you? What does Mom need in order to keep track of time? A new watch, of course, or time with her jeweler! “A watch would be amazing! I don’t have one. My phone is my watch,” says Robin M. “A watch is always welcome!” says Stephanie B.

But don’t be afraid to go traditional. It’s a good bet any jewelry will make Mom happy. “Jewelry works any day!” says Hampel. “I would love a mother’s ring or necklace,” adds Kim Barnes (@mommy3sons).

Tribe, what do you really want for Valentine's Day? Share it below!

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S Roberts
5 #1
1 Bosch 12" mitre saw (since I didn't get it for Christmas or my birthday)
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
So I treated myself to a massage on Saturday and my honey just bought me roses. So pretty. Just to know that I am thought of and loved works for me too
Ann Marie Patitucci
Of course! I'd chose time every time. :) Thanks for this great tip, Donna John !
Spell-It-Out Photos
I will take all 6 plus the bonus!!
Elisa Schmitz
This is the best gift guide ever! Thanks for putting it together, Donna John . Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

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