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It's Time to Spring Into Fitness With Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kathy Kaehler! by Cheryl Leahy

9 years ago
It's Time to Spring Into Fitness With Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kathy Kaehler!

Temperatures are rising, which means tank tops are being pulled out of the closet! Do you look the way you want to look? Do you feel the way you want to feel? We have Kathy Kaehler, the Better Living Expert, to help the 30Second Mom community Spring into Fitness and get on track to living a healthy life!

Kathy’s celebrity roster includes A-listers such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, and she even created a workout DVD for Kim Kardashian. Kathy is also the author of numerous books, including “Fit and Sexy for Life” and “MomEnergy.” Her mission is to “promote daily physical activity and to simplify eating healthy foods at home.” Make sure to check out her website:, and read our interview with her below!

Q: What are a few quick things we can do to change our lifestyle NOW?

A: Add more water! A glass per hour is great. Eat one meal or snack raw. Wear a sleep mask to bed to get more sleep. You can do two sets of pushups on your knees or toes before bed. Jogging is over-rated; it is very hard on your joints! You get more out of fast walking, which is great for your butt and legs. Sleep! Sleeping can help with reducing stress, which can lower cortisol. Always listen to your body; balance your body in how you train or work out and vary your workouts.

Q: We know you’re all about healthy living, but it’s so tough being a busy mom! What are some shortcuts you take?

A: I’ve found when you’re organized, you can get anything done. I have a workout shortcut that has helped my clients: Write down what you are going to do in terms of cardio moves and strength training. Also, make your snacks at the top of week. I never leave without a bag of mixed nuts and an apple, it gets me through. I do both at-home workouts and gym. I love my bike at home and I love the people at the gym, plus I teach a class.

Q: What habits do you recommend for healthy eating? Any post/pre-workout favorites?

A: The key to keeping calories at bay is portion control; that’s why making portioned snacks is key. For the past five years, I have committed to USANA and use a meal replacement for my breakfast/pre-workout. In addition I always balance fat, protein and carbohydrates. I ALWAYS like egg, whole wheat toast and avocados! For pre- or post-workout, eat more carbohydrates before and more protein after.

Here is the KK workout: 2-mile walk (28-30 minutes); three sets of 20 pushups; three sets of 25 crunches; hold the plank 90 seconds; 50 jumping jacks. YOU CAN DO IT!

For more information, check out Kathy’s website, follow her on Twitter and Like her Facebook page!

Photos: Courtesy of Kathy Kaehler.

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