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Fitness Expert Dana Pieper Motivates Us to Move With Tips & Exercise Advice! by Elisa Schmitz

9 years ago
Fitness Expert Dana Pieper Motivates Us to Move With Tips & Exercise Advice!

Wondering how to get through the holiday season without weight woes? Need a little extra motivation to get moving after that festive feast? 30Second Mom contributor Dana Pieper shares food and fitness tips for the holiday season that are sure to get our 30Second Mom community up and off the couch! Dana is a health and fitness professional and innovator, and the founder of Every Body Fitness. She aims to inspire – leading by example! Dana has always been active, but had to be innovative after becoming pregnant with triplets and on bed-rest for 12 weeks. She developed an extremely efficient interval training program in response to the challenges of limited time and exhaustion. Make sure to check out her three fitness videos!

Dana Pieper

Q: What are your recommendations for eating at big holiday events?

A: Holidays are fun to enjoy and indulge! If you can’t resist wanting it all, I say portion control. A little taste of everything will satisfy your needs. Bump up your workouts and be mindful of leftovers and snacking. Get up early and go for a walk, or check your gym schedule for special classes to burn calories before the big meal. Be sure to have some healthy high fiber foods before that big meal, but don’t skip meals then overeat.

Q: How do holiday cocktails get in the way of calorie count? What are some good options?

A: Alcohol is a big diet-buster. If you like to drink, counteract with fewer appetizers. Select low-cal ones with no juice or sugary ingredients.

Dana Pieper's Every Body Fitness

Q: How do you plan your menu? What advice do you have about leftovers?

A: I’ve broken tradition and paired down all the starches in the holiday meals. I make sure it’s well balanced with veggies and light recipes of favorite dishes. You won’t miss a thing. Allow yourself one day of leftovers. If you feel uncomfortable tossing them, bring them to work for co-workers to enjoy.

Q: Do you have any holiday traditions?

A: I aim to inspire my family by moving. Cleaning up together instead of sitting and digesting. Going for a walk or having a dance party before dessert are musts.

Q: Do you have a favorite go to exercise that burns off the excessive calorie consumption?

A: I love intervals. I get bored doing the same thing for a long period of time. I will cycle running stairs, lunges, pushups, dips, jump rope and boxing to feel sweaty and satisfied. Holiday weight is easy to gain.

Q: What is a good starting point for exercise?

A: Get a fitness routine started now and you will feel less overwhelmed after holidays. Your first step is admitting you want to make a change this year. Start slow, choose low impact exercises like walking and climbing stairs. Include weights! Building muscle will increase your calorie burn in your workouts. Be accountable! Make a deal with a friend. Check in and be honest with each other about what you’ve eaten and plan your workouts together! Positively reinforce with non-food related rewards.

Q: If we have a road trip planned for the holidays, are there exercises we can do in the car and away from our daily routine?

A: You can do some isometric exercises. Holding core, pushing hands on seat and lifting your body up, hip stretches, arm circles, stomping feet. Prepare and plan. Find trails to walk/hike together, pack your jump rope and tubing to exercise at the hotel. Research active excursions as a family.

Learn more about Dana by reading her tips on 30Second Mom, liking her Facebook page, following her on Twitter and checking out her site!

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