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Talkin' Turkey: Jaime Reid Shares Healthy Thanksgiving Tips! by Elisa Schmitz

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Talkin' Turkey: Jaime Reid Shares Healthy Thanksgiving Tips!

Want to add a little zest to your holiday happenings this year? 30Second Mom contributor Jaime Reid of The Zest & Zeal, a weekly reader by two sisters with zest and zeal for healthy, thoughtful living served with a side of fun, shares her tips with the 30Second Mom community. She has a BS in Nutrition/Dietetics and specializes in weight management, but also loves displaying her creative side!

Q: Preparing for Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. How can we involve kids in holiday preparations?

A: Sit down as a family and plan the menu. Each family member should pick a dish they can help prepare. Everyone has a say. Older kids can create the grocery list, and younger kids can help with the grocery shopping. Have your kids help set the table, arrange relish trays, measure ingredients, wash veggies, assist with clean up, etc.

Q: How can we turn Thanksgiving menu preparation into an educational opportunity for kids?

A: Use family menu planning time to explain importance of having healthy, balanced meals with a variety of food groups. Have kids buff up on their math skills when helping you measure out ingredients. Let kids experiment with pouring different mediums into bowls when prepping recipes (e.g. liquid vs. dry ingredients).

Q: What are some non-food-related ways to involve kids in the holiday?

A: Let kids create simple DIY decorations such as leaf place cards. Kids can create their own Thanksgiving tree. They can then create “I’m Thankful for” cards everyone can use to write blessings and people they are thankful for the tree. Thanksgiving is a great time to teach children how to set a formal table.

The Zest and Zeal

Q: What are some easy ways to make Thanksgiving a bit healthier for the family?

A: Go for a family walk before all the festivities begin. Give yourself more control over your appetite by not skipping breakfast! Focus on family. Thanksgiving is not just about food. Celebrate your family and what you are thankful for.

Q: How can we avoid holiday weight gain?

A: Eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you feel that hint of fullness to avoid overeating. Fill up on protein and vegetables and pass on the dinner rolls and casserole sides. Avoid snacking throughout the day if you are not truly hungry to avoid mindless eating.

Q: How can we make Thanksgiving special/unique for our families?

A: Jazz up old family recipes by adding a modern twist or some of your favorite ingredients/modifications. Pick out a completely new recipe that your entire family will enjoy. If it’s a success, add it to your Thanksgiving favorites. Start a journal and write down what every family member is thankful for and add to it every year. Go back and read past entries every Thanksgiving.

Q: Besides walking, what other activities can we do as a family?

A: Have a dance party! Holiday decorating and/or clean-up is much more fun with music and dancing. Play a game of family soccer, baseball, basketball or football. When shopping or running errands, park in the back of the parking lot to get more walking in.

Learn more about Jaime by reading her tips on 30Second Mom, liking her Facebook page, following her on Twitter and checking out her blog!

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