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Pauline Campos Talks Self-Confidence & Self-Worth! A Must Read! by Elisa Schmitz

10 years ago
Pauline Campos Talks Self-Confidence & Self-Worth! A Must Read!

Moms always worry about others, especially this time of year. How are the kids adjusting to school? Is everyone getting to their activities on time? Are holiday plans lining up for the family? We can easily lose sight of ourselves. NOW it is time to focus on your self-confidence and realize how amazing YOU are! 30Second Mom contributor Pauline Campos is the new Dimelo advice columnist for Latina magazine. Pauline, who also is the founder of Girl Body Pride and the voice behind Aspiring Mama, talks confidence and self-worth with our community.

Q: What role do you think confidence plays in self-worth?

A: This isn’t just body image. This is ground zero for liking who you are, inside and out, y’all. Too many of us judge ourselves too harshly and fail to see our own value. Self-worth is crucial and learning to like ourselves on our own terms is everything!

Q: What is your biggest personal demon? Do you hate your body? Your job? Your relationship?

A: Mine? My body and self-perception of it will always be my demon. I’m a lifelong recovering bulimic. I founded Girl Body Pride because of my daughter and my desire to help her grow up with a strong foundation. This is where refocusing my inner demon into a positive force turned everything around. You can, too.

Q: Let’s focus on the positive: Name one thing about yourself that you are always confident about.

A: My writing. My day can be in the toilet and my writing is my happy place. Always. I also like my lips. My red lipstick is my friend and my lips are pretty spectacular. And yes, I did pause before saying my lips are spectacular. But they are. Feels good to say it.

Q: Self-worth and our relationships: Can we be happy with someone else if we’re not happy with ourselves?

A: I can personally attest to my worst relationships directly coinciding with confidence in the gutter. I also let girlfriends walk all over me in high school because I didn’t think I was worth standing up for. How we feel about ourselves sets the tone for how we treat ourselves and allow others to treat us.

Q: Confidence and self-worth play a role in how happy we are in our work and lives. Does it come down to, “are you happy?”

A: If you aren’t happy, it’s time to re-evaluate. You may be holding yourself back simply by not believing in you. If you are happy, tell me why. How can you help your support system by supporting THEM?

Learn more from Pauline by reading her tips on 30Second Mom, visiting her Girl Body Pride and Aspiring Mama websites, and following her on Twitter!

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