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Top Secrets of Working Out With Kids From Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan! by Elisa Schmitz

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Top Secrets of Working Out With Kids From Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan!

Many of us have a tough enough time working out, and then when you throw kids into the mix, it makes exercise seem even more challenging! 30Second Mom contributor and fitness enthusiast Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan has devised a plan for getting kids involved so you can accomplish your fitness goals. Elizabeth is a runner and triathlete along with being a children’s book author and freelance writer. Check out how she opens the boundaries between personal workout strategies and parenting!

Q: Why are personal trainers a good solution for moms with young kids?

A: Cost! Personal trainers can be cheaper than gyms! They’re also convenient because they come on your schedule while your kids are safely occupied. Consistency is important, too. They use equipment you own so you can do the workouts again.

Q: Why should I hit the local track with my kids?

A: It’s often safer to run on a local track than on roads. Kids can play on the infield or playground while you run. It is also an easy way to monitor your pace and improvement.

Q: Why should I find a workout buddy?

A: They’ll help keep you accountable. If you’re meeting someone, you won’t wimp out. Trade-offs can be great! You can watch each other’s kids and go for a quick run. If it’s fun, you’ll work out more! You also can share crazy stories and support.

Q: How do I work out with kids in tow?

A: Run laps around the field of a local park. Hire the pool lifeguards to do swim lessons while you do laps. You can do your weights workout on the playground while they play!

Q: If I put my workout ahead of my kids’ activities, am I a bad mom?

A: No! You’re modeling healthy behaviors. You’re also likely to be more relaxed and happier as a mom. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family!

Q: How can I include my kids in workouts with me?

A: Kids love bootcamp-style workouts, but make sure to keep it fun and not competitive. Focus on games like tag, soccer and follow the leader. Keep moving, play together and have fun!

For more great information, visit Elizabeth’s website, like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter!

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