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Happy Halloween Tips, Tricks & Treats With Food & Event Guru Annette Jett! by Elisa Schmitz

11 years ago
Happy Halloween Tips, Tricks & Treats With Food & Event Guru Annette Jett!

Halloween is such a fantastically fun holiday, and we have tips to make it even better this year! 30Seconds contributor and food/event guru Annette Jett chatted with us and shared her best Halloween tips to make this year’s celebration your best one yet. Check out our interview with her!

Q: Halloween is spooky fun! What are your fave treats to make with kids?

We love Candy Corn Cookies! Just roll out a sugar cookie dough and cut into triangles. Bake them then top with a trio of orange, white and yellow icing! ! I also love spooky Rice Krispie Treats! Cut them into ghost shapes then dip in white chocolate, or cut into pumpkins (add orange dye), etc.

Or try Spider Cookies! Dip cream-filled cookies in chocolate ganache, add black licorice legs and mini M&Ms for eyes!

Q: Can you give us some crafty foodie ideas to make at kids’ Halloween parties?

Make Caramel Apples! Dip apples in caramel, then roll in sprinkles or your favorite toppings. You can make Haunted Gingerbread Houses by using a kit. Just substitute that candy for gummy worms, candy corn, pumpkins, licorice and other spooky treats. Try Ghost Lollipops! Just wrap round suckers with white tissue, secure with ribbon and add eyes with markers. They make great take-home gifts! Or make a Dirt Cake! Top a cake with crushed chocolate cookies, Milano Boo cookies and ghost Marshmallow Peeps! Serve in a large pan or individual servings.

Q: Any fun ideas for adult Halloween parties?

Add dry ice to your punch (spiked or not) to make it look like Witch’s Brew. Or make Pumpkin Martinis! You need 2 ounces each of spiced vodka, pumpkin liqueur and vanilla creamer. Add a pinch of nutmeg, shake over ice and pour! Another great idea is to hollow out pumpkins and stuff them with soups or dips. Bake your pumpkin seeds and season with ghost chili pepper! Don’t forget to offer prizes for the most creative, scariest, funniest, etc., costumes to encourage dressing up!

Q: Any Halloween traditions that make good memories for the family?

Surprise your kids by dressing up with them! Visit a pumpkin patch or haunted house together. Create a theme for your entire family, such as the Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Include the family pet for extra fun! Buy costumes on sale after Halloween each year to continue the dress-up fun all year long! Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to capture the moments if you can. Make a photo book for yourself, aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc., to cherish for years to come. Be sure to include kids in decorating for Halloween. Tap into their unlimited imagination and go with it!

Q: Safety is always a concern for parents on Halloween. Any tips?

No matter what age kids are, make sure there’s an adult watching them (even if it’s at a distance) when trick-or-treating. Only trick-or-treat in neighborhoods in which you are familiar. Many churches and schools provide safe trick-or-treat opportunities, too. Use battery-operated candles in your pumpkins and timers for lights to promote Halloween safety. Keep connected with kids through mobile phones, etc. Make sure chaperones are supervising parties!

Thank you for your great tips, Annette! It’s sure to be a Halloween to remember! 

Elisa Schmitz
I love these great Halloween tips shared by Annette Jett!

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