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30Second Ideas to Keep Kids Busy this Summer! by Elisa All Schmitz 30SecondMom

4 years ago
30Second Ideas to Keep Kids Busy this Summer!

We had a great #30secondmom Twitter chat about economical ideas to keep kids busy this summer. Our featured subject matter expert was Holly Budde, a rock star 30Second Mom contributor and mom of two daughters. Check her out on Twitter and on her blog to get even more great ideas! Below is the Q&A we did with Holly, which includes lots of great tips. Many others also contributed their ideas. To be a part of our weekly Twitter chats, join us each Wednesday night at 8 p.m. CT/9 p.m. ET at the Twitter hashtag #30secondmom. We’ll be there for an hour talking about a certain topic each week, and then usually for another hour for the “after-party!” So if you missed us this week, be sure to join us next week, and every week after for lots of info, sharing and fun!

Q1: Budgets are tight these days! What are some frugal activities to keep kids busy and happy during summer break? #30secondmom

A1: You can find local day camps 4 sports/dance/art that r relatively inexpensive & offer full/part time schedules. #30secondmom
A1: Many stores have activities where kids can paint/bake/make crafts 4 free while u shop or for a small fee 4 mini-camps. #30secondmom
A1: For cost of library membership, have child join local library’s book club 4 fun & to keep learning on his/her mind! #30secondmom
A1: Many churches often have “Vacation Bible School” & kids’ day camps for little or no fee. #30secondmom

Q2: All great ideas! Tell us, do you have plans for your kids’ summer activities already? #30secondmom

A2: Yes, this summer my little one is taking dance and my oldest will go to soccer camp. #30secondmom
A2: My kids love to swim, so we plan 2go2 waterpark/pool often. Don’t forget 2look 4special deals during off-peak hours. #30secondmom
A2: We also take day trips 2local museums, zoo & parks. Make it a special adventure by taking the train & chk online 4specials! #30secondmom

Q3: Many families take advantage of time off school for road trips. Any tips 4 happy car #travel w/kids? #30secondmom

A3: 4 long/short trips, my kids each pack one backpack w/toys, books, etc! It’s key 4them 2help choose what 2bring! #30secondmom
A3: Vacation or stay-cation, I get my kids involved in making some decisions (where 2eat, stay). They take turns & it’s fun! #30secondmom
A3: Turn longer car rides w/the kids into a scavenger hunt! Have them make their own lists of fun things to search for! #30secondmom

Q4: When going on vacation, do you plan separate activities 4 kids/parents? #30secondmom

A4: Absolutely! Adult only/kid only time is important! I include them in researching activities, it’s less stress for me. #30secondmom
A4: Many hotels offer supervised activities 4kids 4free so parents get a break! They may offer in room babysitting 4 a fee 2. #30secondmom
A4: Our family likes to #travel to places that are exciting 4 parents & kids! Theme parks & beaches r fun 4entire family! #30secondmom

Q5: What about when the day isn’t planned, what do your kids do to occupy themselves? #30secondmom

A5: I schedule downtime 4my kids. I believe it’s essential to just “play” w/friends & use imagination! #30secondmom
A5: When I’m working at home, I often recruit my #kids as “interns” and get them involved in my work! #30secondmom
A5: As a WAHM, it’s important I have dedicated work time. Kids have daily chores & we stay on #routine while I work. #30secondmom

Q6: What abt when kids r attending “Camp Mom” 4 summer? Any tips 4 activities moms can do at home 2entertain kids? #30secondmom

A6: Think abt activities they would do if they went 2camp & try that! Let em have a splash day/waterplay & picnic in yard. #30secondmom
A6: Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt/nature walk. Take pictures of interesting things they find so they can research l8r! #30secondmom
A6: Encourage older kids to start a business like babysitting, dog walking! Encourage good saving/spending habits early! #30secondmom

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