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30Second Stephen Dimmick! by Elisa Schmitz

11 years ago
30Second Stephen Dimmick!

I met the fabulous Stephen Dimmick on Twitter, and I felt an immediate connection to this superstar Aussie makeup artist. He’s so warm and engaging, and has a positive energy that just makes you feel good. So when we were both invited to be founding members of the Friends of Ricki community, I was excited to get to know him better.

Based in New York City, Stephen has worked with “A-list” celebrities like Cate Blanchett and Toni Collette, and his runway credits include Christian Dior, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and more. He also blogs/vlogs on his website,, where he dishes a “daily dose of gorgeous.” Make sure to check it out for great ideas and inspiration.

Stephen took some time to share his tips with 30Second Mom for making moms look great on the go.

EA: Stephen, you always look so put together. But today’s moms are so busy. How can we get out the door quickly and still put our best face forward?

SD: Spot conceal, curl lashes, add mascara and a yummy vivid lip. Try fuchsia. Deliciousness abounds!

EA: Sounds fab! How can we achieve a more natural look yet cover all our flaws (age spots, blemishes, etc)?

SD: Using a primer on your skin first will give grip to the concealer. Foundation will not cover blemishes, and nothing will cover a pimple you’ve popped sistahs!

EA: Understood! What about wrinkles (sigh). Anti-aging is a big topic these days. Do you recommend anti-aging products? Is there a key ingredient to look for?

SD: First of all, it’s important to know nothing you use topically will permanently change your skin. The effects of topical treatments wear off when you stop using. My favorite products to use to keep your skin at its peak are Tretinoin cream (Retin A) and sunscreen. Tretinoin can only be obtained through a dermatologist if you are acquiring it, otherwise be VERY careful.

EA: Noted! OK, so it’s date night. How can we pump up the glam but still look like ourselves and not like we’re trying too hard? Smoky eye, false eyelashes – just for celebrities? Or can moms rock this look?

SD: My fave thing to do to elevate a daytime look into night is to really go for it with the eyeliner top and bottom, and on the waterline, too. GO FOR BROKE and bring on the smoke. After all, where there’s smoke there’s fire, sistah! Use a Q-tip to smudge the outer edges so it’s not a hard line, or blend it down with a lighter eye shadow. I think anyone can rock this look. Celebrities and models are there to get inspired by. GO FOR IT!

EA: Wow, that’s hot! I’m inspired. But moms don’t sleep much and often have the dark circles to prove it. Any suggestions for looking less tired?

SD: Dehydration is actually the No. 1 cause of darkness. When we wake up puffy, it’s usually the body holding on to excess fluid because we don’t have enough. Use concealer between the nose and the eyes. This is usually the most impacting place to put concealer.

A lot of mums also look at themselves in the mirror with horrendous lighting. NO ONE looks good in bad light. Also, a lot of women tilt their chins down when they look in the mirror. You are merely looking for the worst. Give yourself good, even light, not from above, and don’t tilt your chin down.

EA: Thank you for the great tips! Feeling more glam already! Follow Stephen on Twitter: @DailyDimmick

Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Thanks Stephen! These are great tips!
Elisa Schmitz
Our brotha really knows his stuff, doesn't he? Can't wait to rock the smoky eye! :-)
Stephen Dimmick
This is fabulous Elisa. Thank you. I'm here for ALL of you. We are ALL beautiful no matter where we are in life or where we've come from. We wear our soul on our faces. This is the essence of honest to goodness beauty sistah's. Be love everyone.

Elisa Schmitz
I love your attitude, Stephen! I couldn't agree with you more. Beauty truly comes from within, and from our experiences. Thank you for shouting this loud and proud for our sistahs to hear! xoxo!!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Randy! Glad you liked the interview with Stephen. It's been an absolute joy being a part of Friends of Ricki! Very excited to see the new show roll out. Thanks for being part of the #FriendsofRicki chats each Friday at 12 CST - it's been great connecting with you. Look forward to great things!
Jennifer Pereyra
I adore Stephen! He is a beautiful soul!

I had no idea that the puffiness was due to lack of hydration! I wonder what foods are the best for your complexion? Hmmm...maybe another post? :)
Elisa Schmitz
Agreed, on all points!! :-)

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