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30Second Mom Beta! by Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds

11 years ago

We’re so glad you’re here. This is a place just for you, the mobile mom. We know you have precious few moments for yourself throughout your busy day, so we’re grateful that you’re spending some of that time with us, even if it’s just 30Seconds!

Take a look around our Beta site. Explore our categories (nine and growing!), and get to know our contributors, a diverse panel of 24 moms (and counting!) who share their tips on everything from food, home and health to travel, beauty and more. Start a conversation with them by commenting on their tips, and share the tips with others through your social networks.

You’ll notice that we’re big fans of mobile technology. That’s because we, like increasing numbers of moms, rely on our smartphones for everything from shopping, directions and banking to booking appointments, organizing and staying connected to our families. We’re not sure what we’d do without our mobile devices!

That’s why we’re especially thrilled to partner with our sponsor, U.S. Cellular, a company that really cares about mobile moms like us. They have a growing number of products and services that are geared toward simplifying life for on-the-go moms. U.S. Cellular associate Ally Ritt will be sharing tips (you can find her on the left hand column), and you’ll sometimes see the U.S. Cellular logo next to informational links about their products and services when relevant.

This blog will keep you up to speed on what’s happening around 30Second Mom. The journey is just beginning, so we’re thrilled to have you with us as we strive to keep you “in the know while on the go.” Stay in touch, and be sure to visit us daily for 30Second tips for your mobile life!

Scott Wild
This site is awesome! a man, I've never given birth or am not expecting anytime soon, but I applaud the intent and direction of this site, especially the "mobile" aspect of it.

Simply brilliant! I will share with all of the awesome women in my life. I wish you the very best of success and will even share tips when I run across them.

Cheers, Elisa!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Thank you, Scott! I appreciate you visiting the site, and am so glad you found it helpful. I think most of the tips are beneficial to just about anyone (maybe I'm biased), so please know that you are welcome here anytime! I really appreciate you sharing the site, app and tips with anyone you think could benefit from staying "in the know while on the go!"

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