3 Ways to Get Halloween Face Paint Off Your Kids (Without Makeup Remover)! by Marylynne Schwartz

a year ago
3 Ways to Get Halloween Face Paint Off Your Kids (Without Makeup Remover)!

My kids can’t walk by a face painter without coming away looking like a tiger, butterfly or princess. That's forced me to get clever about how to remove all that caked powder without rubbing their tender faces raw. Makeup remover works fine, but it’s abrasive and I knew there had to be better methods. Here are my three best tricks!

  • Baby wipes are good for tough spots like eyelids, especially folded so you have a firm corner to work with.
  • Baby oil on a cotton ball works better than makeup remover on some paint, but can be messy. Try it in the bathtub.
  • Vaseline is actually my favorite face paint remover. Just smear it on and wipe away. Voila!

One more tip is to moisturize your little one’s face before the paint goes on. A little lotion beforehand goes a long way for easy removal later.

Donna John
Marylynne Schwartz, the tiger is my grandson so you know I'll be trying your ideas soon. Thanks for the tip!!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Great ideas, Marylynne Schwartz! And Donna John, your grandson could not be any cuter. Love that little tiger! xoxo
Mike Prochaska
I used baby wipes they are the best. Our kids haven't been in diapers in 3 years but we still keep the wipes in the house.

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