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ADHD & Kids: What Parents Need to Know With Heather Bragg! by Donna John

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ADHD & Kids: What Parents Need to Know With Heather Bragg!

We hear a lot about ADHD in kids these days, but what exactly is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how do you know if your child may have it? Luckily, we have an expert at 30Second Mom to help us understand! We talked with learning specialist Heather Bragg, author of Learning Decoded, and she shared information about ADHD and let us know what to be aware of when considering if kids may have it.

Q: Why are we hearing so much about ADHD these days?
More children than ever are being diagnosed with ADHD, and parents want to know what to watch for. There are a lot of theories about why ADHD is on the rise, but no definite answers. Many children may have sleep disorders or sensory processing disorders that look like ADHD.

Q: How do parents know what is normal behavior and what is ADHD?
Consider the feedback you get from your child’s teacher. Teachers see many children and know what to expect at each developmental level. Also think about how much your child’s behavior is impacting his life.

Q: When should parents look into a diagnosis?
As soon as they think the behavior is creating social or learning problems. If the child’s behavior seems inappropriate for his or her age.

Q: Should parents go to their pediatrician for ADHD?
They can, but it’s best to see a specialist in ADHD. Clinical psychologists who specialize in ADHD are usually the most informed.

Q: Is medication always recommended for kids with ADHD?
Not necessarily! Most ADHD treatment plans include education and behavioral therapy. Medication may be offered for parents to consider. ADHD medication can help many children if it is carefully prescribed and monitored.

Q: Where can parents get more info on ADHD?
Get info at, or my website,

To learn more about @LearningDecodedand her book and e-course, visit her website, be sure to follow @LearningDecoded andlike her on Facebook! Here are more tips from Heather!

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