Help Your Baby Stand Up: It May Put Him at the Head of the Class! by Ann Marie Patitucci

6 years ago

Help Your Baby Stand Up: It May Put Him at the Head of the Class!

A study from the U.S. Institute of Child Health and Human Development suggests that babies who learn to stand up relatively early (with assistance) may do slightly better with memory, attention and learning by the time they're preschoolers. Delays in reaching motor milestones such as crawling, standing and walking can be a sign of future developmental disabilities. But the study found a pattern among even babies who reached the milestones “on time.” 

Those who hit the standing milestone earlier tended to score higher on cognitive and adaptive skills tests by the time they turned 4. While the study could not definitely prove cause and effect, it “provides evidence that the age of achieving motor milestones may be an important basis for various aspects of later development.”

Read more about the study here!

Donna John
This is so interesting, @amghalstead. Anything we can do to help our little ones with memory and attention is a plus. Thanks for sharing!

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