Do You Fight Fair in Front of Your Kids? 4 Tips to Help! by Doctor Harmony

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6 years ago
Do You Fight Fair in Front of Your Kids? 4 Tips to Help!

Our children learn how to deal with conflict, confrontation, negotiation and how to get along with others through observing parents. Talking through disagreements and negotiating solutions fairly in front of children teaches them essential skills in life. These skills will carry them through to adulthood and help them with personal and work relationships and friendships. So, how can you and your partner argue fairly?

  • Remember that you are on the same team. When we forget this, we feel attacked and in opposition.
  • Try to find solutions together that will be a win-win for the family.
  • Validate each other’s viewpoints. We all like to feel heard, even if others don't agree.
  • If anyone is very angry, go away to calm down and think. Afterwards, find a time to discuss the issue again.

We're going to fight, let's just do it right. 

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