4 Easy Steps to Make One of the Best Investments for Your Child! by Marylynne Schwartz

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7 years ago

4 Easy Steps to Make One of the Best Investments for Your Child!

For college savings, 529 plans are all the rage in investing for kids, and rightly so! They cover most educational expenses at U.S. colleges and can grow tax free for decades. Ready to start investing for – and in –your kids?

  • Choose a plan sponsor state (you don’t have to pick where you live so shop around).
  • Contribute to fit your budget. Minimums are as low as $15. The maximum is $140,000 if both parents pre-pay the first five years of eligibility.
  • Check out investment options like target date funds that aim to payout when the beneficiary starts college. Others plans let you lock in current tuition costs.
  • Tell friends and family! They can contribute too.

Compound interest can be your child’s best friend when it comes to paying for school. The earlier you start, the better the leg up.

Jason Black
Great tip! I like the Nevada plan through Vanguard since they had the lowest fees that I could find.
Donna John
Starting a college savings plan is so important. And it's never too early! Great advice, Marylynne Schwartz and Jason Black!
Well, The article is informative. Investing for the kids at an initial stage can be the best way of saving. So, When it comes to investing, people get confused about where to invest their money, as there are multiple options available now-a-days. Even now online site like Forager Funds Management() is accessible on the Internet, where People can invest in International funds. As investing in international funds has a number of different benefits like they are one of the safest way to invest money, International Protection and Confidentiality and more important this is long investment.

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