10 Amazing Lessons I’ve Learned in My 10 Years of Parenting by Ann Marie Patitucci

10 Amazing Lessons I’ve Learned in My 10 Years of Parenting

My son turned 10 recently and I’ve been reflecting on the last decade. Where did the time go?! Here are 10 things I’ve learned about motherhood and life from a little person 30 years my junior!

  1. The little things aren’t so little.
  2. There is so much goodness in the world.
  3. Discipline is love.
  4. There is nothing like the sound of your baby’s first giggle or the feeling of his little hand in yours.
  5. We should all see the world, and each other, through the eyes of a child.
  6. Homemade gifts are the best.
  7. There’s a healing power in cuddling with a little person who calls you “mama.”
  8. Patience really is a virtue.
  9. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing.
  10. The days are long but the years are short. 

Isn’t it amazing how much our kids teach us?

Elisa Schmitz
Ah, I love this, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead! You always know how to capture exactly what moms are feeling. Yes yes and yes - our kids teach us so very much. Thank you for all you share with our community, chica, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxo
Ann Marie Patitucci
Aww, thanks, Elisa! This one was a special one for me. Our kids sure do teach us a lot! Have a great weekend!
Tiffany Zook
Slowing down is key, kids will remember the snuggles and not your freshly steam mopped floors. One mom called these the “wiping years”; wiping noses, bottoms,tears, counters..... Enjoy it, they fly by!
What a beautiful post. 💗

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