15 Things Every Cool Parent Will Want in Their Beach Bag! by Donna John

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10 months ago
15 Things Every Cool Parent Will Want in Their Beach Bag!

Going to the beach requires more than just a bathing suit – you need stuff. Cool stuff! Here are 15 beachy things that every parent will want in their beach bag this summer! 

SportLite Beach Blanket
SportLite Beach Blanket $30
Made of ultra-thin and lightweight 100-percent microfiber fabric so it's super compact, taking up significantly less space in your beach bag.
SAFEGO Portable Travel Lock Box Safe
SAFEGO Portable Travel Lock Box Safe $40
A lightweight, portable safe designed for securing valuables in the most populated areas. Use this durable lock box in any environment, such as beaches, pools, hotels, cruises, parks and more.
Sand Bucket Toys & Molds
Sand Bucket Toys & Molds $20
The 17-piece set includes a handled bucket, a funnel, hand tools, a shovel, a rake and molds, so kids can construct sandcastles and use their creativity to build all sorts of other fun things!
Striped Beach Towels
Striped Beach Towels $30
These beach towels are 100-percent cotton. The 4-pack of towels comes with four different colored towels (lime, pink, orange and turquoise), so everyone will know which one is theirs.
Swimline Waterproof Playing Cards
Swimline Waterproof Playing Cards $7
Now play all of your favorite card games while chilling poolside, relaxing in the hot tub or at the beach.
Earlyears Baby Beach Shade Pool
Earlyears Baby Beach Shade Pool $25
Dig a shallow hole, pop open the spring loaded pool from the convenient storage case, attach the UV50 shade, add water and have fun!
Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport  Sunscreen Spray
Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport Sunscreen Spray $13
Provides fast and even protection with one touch.
Flammi Unisex Kids UV Sun Protective Cotton Bucket Hat
Flammi Unisex Kids UV Sun Protective Cotton Bucket Hat $13
Made of pure cotton. It protects your child's head, eyes, face and neck from damaging rays from the sun. Comes with a chin strap to fasten.
Indestructibles: Beach Baby
Indestructibles: Beach Baby $4
The perfect beach book for Baby, telling the sweet story of Baby’s day at the beach — and it’s sand-proof, waterproof and sunscreen-proof, too.
Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized Sunglasses $10
Available in bright, bold colors, these sunglasses block 100 percent of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays and meet AOA (American Optometric Association) specifications for non-prescription sunglasses.
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $15
Not like other replica speaker, this one is wrapped in waterproof adhesive tape underneath the skin, which makes the speaker perfect for the beach, poolside, in the shower and other wet environments. What's more? The speaker can float on the water!
Life is Better at the Beach Spiker Beverage Holder
Life is Better at the Beach Spiker Beverage Holder $47
Set this handy beverage holder in the sand next to your beach towel or chair. Add a cold drink, music player, phone, suntan oil, sunglasses, anything you want to keep off the hot sand. It keeps your items cooler, sand-free and spill-free! Just toss into your beach bag and go! Set of 6.
Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls
Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls $10
Kids will love these emoji beach balls! And you get 12, because you know one just won't be enough!
Waterproof Case
Waterproof Case $17
Keep your phone or anything small that you don't want to get wet or sandy in this waterproof case. Set of 4.
Personal Beach Table
Personal Beach Table $16
The perfect compact solution to keep your refreshments and other things off of the sand. The table folds down for easy storage and transport, plus it comes with a carry bag.
Christine Jones
I love the waterproof cards and emoji balls Donna John!
Donna John
Me, too! Even if you're not near water. I've been known to knock over a wine glass or two. ;-)

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