How Do You Possibly Explain Tragedies & Mass Shootings to Kids? Here’s a Little Help... by Dr. Monisha Vasa

2 years ago
How Do You Possibly Explain Tragedies & Mass Shootings to Kids? Here’s a Little Help...

Discussing tragedies such as mass shootings with your children can be challenging. The most important thing is to consider the age, temperament and maturity level of your child, and provide information accordingly. Some things to consider:

  • Don't alarm them beyond what's needed.
  • Limit their exposure to media.
  • Maintain routines that help children feel secure.
  • Provide plenty of time and opportunity for your children to express their feelings and questions.
  • It is OK to let them know that you don't have all of the answers, but that you will always do your best to protect them and keep them safe.

Your child’s fears may manifest in changes in sleep, appetite and behavior. Tuning into subtle shifts can help you understand if your child is struggling, and whether they need more support.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Thank you for these helpful words during troubling times, Dr. Monisha Vasa ! ❤️
Meredith Schneider
Thank you for sharing this Dr. Monisha Vasa . So helped me answer the questions my 8yr old daughter was asking this afternoon. Tragedies like this leave me speechless and hurts my heart to know parents lost their children.
Kim Kusiciel
Thank you for this. It's so unbelievably sad. I had to answer some tough questions for my 9 and 11-year-olds today and I responded "I don't know" after a few of them. Thank you again @monishavasa.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thanks, Dr. Monisha Vasa .We need all the help we can get during these difficult times!
Julie Rose
How sad that we need this information yet again, thank you.

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