4 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts You Still Have Time to Get! by Tatyana Shestopalova

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5 years ago
4 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts You Still Have Time to Get!

At GiftOn, we recently asked fathers and their families about their best Father’s Day gifts. Some of their best stories were about gifts you can give at the last minute!

Handmade Cards (from kids): "My best Father's day gift was homemade cards from my son and daughter. They were in the first and second grade, and they were so excited about giving them to me! I’ll never forget how they looked so proud of their misspellings (they were just learning how to write). It really made me feel like I was doing the whole dad thing right." -Terry from Colorado

Handmade Cards (from grownup kids): "My favorite Father’s Day gift was a personal card from my daughter describing what she thought and liked about me. She had just graduated from high school at the time. I loved that it was personal, and also validation that she appreciated my parenting." - Steve from Houston

Photos: "The best father's day gift I've given was a picture book of my sister and I with our dad that ranged from when we were kids to our early college years. To get the pictures, my sister and I reached out to aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends of my dad. All of them had random hidden gems of us doing mundane tasks with dad, like eating breakfast or being at a park. We scanned the photos and created a picture book at a photo shop. The finished product looked professional and captured us growing up with our father. My dad loved the gift and was even slightly emotional. Not being a big picture taker, he would have never have had so many pictures of us – nor would he have known they all existed!" - Jason from New York

Photos (on a time crunch): "My dad loves family photos so I made him a Snapfish hardcover photo book of a lot of fun times we had as a family. He was really surprised and excited, and called me up to tell me that he was super grateful!" - Alli from D.C.

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Love these ideas, Tatyana Shestopalova! Handmade gifts are my faves!!
Donna John
Handmade cards are always a hit! Love the picture book idea, too! Thanks for sharing, Tatyana Shestopalova!

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