Got Bored Kids? The Best Way to Handle Them Will Surprise You! by Heather Bragg

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3 years ago
Got Bored Kids? The Best Way to Handle Them Will Surprise You!

Dread hearing complaints from your kids about being bored this summer? The best way to deal with it? Let them be bored! An hour or so of unstructured time each day is good for kids’ brains. 

Since we live in a hyper-scheduled world, our kids many not know how to handle free time. Open time encourages kids to explore their interests. To help spur this, set out art and craft materials, but let your child decide what to do or make. You can also plan playdates, but let the kids come up with what to do. They may stumble from one thing to another, or make really random projects, and that’s OK! 

Encourage your kids to follow their curiosities and truly PLAY.

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