How to Grow Lima Beans With Your Kids (& Eat 'Em, Too) by Marylynne Schwartz

7 years ago

How to Grow Lima Beans With Your Kids (& Eat 'Em, Too)

Want to do an easy and rewarding biology project with your kids? Grow a plant and show them where food comes from! Most veggies are easy to cultivate. Lima beans are an easy one to start with!

  • Grab a few dry lima beans from the grocery store's bulk section.
  • Put three to five beans on top of a wet paper towel and slide it into a plastic zipper bag.
  • Hang the bag in a sunny window, bean side out. Within three days, your beans will sprout roots. After a week, some may have leaves!
  • Plant them outside in loose soil a couple inches deep (root side down!). If the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside, pot inside in gardening soil. Keep the soil damp, but not drenched.
  • Harvest your beans in two months when they’re bright green.

To eat, shell the beans and simmer in water for about an hour. Serve with a bit of melted butter. Yum!

Donna John
I remember doing this in school. So much fun! Going to try this with my grandson. Thanks for sharing, Marylynne Schwartz!

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