Earthkind Non-Toxic Pest Repellents: Kind to the Earth, Kids, Pets & Your Nose! by Donna John

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7 years ago

Earthkind Non-Toxic Pest Repellents: Kind to the Earth, Kids, Pets & Your Nose!

To say I have issues with unwanted bugs and rodents is an understatement – I live in the country! Throw into the mix a toddler grandson and furry friend I love, and finding a pest control product I felt good about using was hard, if not impossible. Thanks goodness I found Earthkind Stay Away Natural Pest Repellents!

Earthkind repellents are non-toxic, pet-friendly, earth-friendly and smell great! We recently found that a mouse decided to make a cabinet in our outdoor kitchen his home. After applying Stay Away Rodent – made with balsam fir oil – he has vacated the premises. Ants were another issue that was taken care of with Stay Away Ants, made with the oils of lemongrass, peppermint and thyme. We even treated where we eat and sleep at our deer lease (bug central!) and saw immediate results – no more ants or spiders.

It feels good to use a non-toxic product that actually works and doesn’t harm the earth. I don’t worry at all when my grandson, dog or husband walked around the areas treated with Earthkind Stay Away. Earth, you’re welcome – and sorry unwanted pests, you’ve met your match!

You can find Stay Away products at retailers like Lowe's, Ace or Rodale's, or online at or Amazon (see links below). Package sizes and prices vary. Learn more about Earthkind products here!

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Elisa Schmitz
I love these nontoxic pest control products, Donna John! Thanks for sharing!
Meredith Schneider
So need Stay Away Ants! So many ants in Texas. Thanks Donna John! :)
Donna John
My daughter is using the Stay Away Ants and says it works great. We're fighting those leaf cutter ants all over the yard. They're crazy, tho it is kind of cool to see a thousand ants in a line all carrying leaves. Kodak moment. :-) Meredith Schneider
Chef Gigi
This product really works! Saving my Ant infested Bee Hive and helping the Bees fight off these pesky honey seeking fierce relentless 🐜's without sacrificing the safety of my Bees. Thank Goodness for a product like this! I also found it at Orchard Supply Hardware #OSH #Organic #Natural pest control FINALLY! TY Kari !

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