Be the Love This Father’s Day & Celebrate Big Time! Here's How! by Gail Harris

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6 years ago
Be the Love This Father’s Day & Celebrate Big Time! Here's How!

There are teaching moments – and loving moments. But they’re one and the same thing. Father’s Day brings so many chances to teach your kids about love. You only have to find them in your heart and share.

So this Father’s Day...

BE the love.

MODEL for your kid the respect they have for their dad.

BE the wisdom that has them doing the right thing.

GIVE of your heart, so they’ll see Dad for the man he truly is – as they spend time together and laugh and share.

And if, unfortunately, your child has lost his dad or isn’t in a relationship with him, love them like there’s no tomorrow – sun up till sun down.

Donna John
Love this, @gailharris. I see so many dads who are always in work mode. They've forgotten to have fun and share that wil their kids. So important.
Gail Harris
Thanks @donna. I think that we—as women and as moms—are wired to know what our kids' need, Father's Day and everyday. Think you know me well enough to know that I believe it is up to us to act on what we know and to cultivate that inner knowing. Happy Father's Day!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Such a wonderful tip, Gail Harris, and thank you for remembering those who have lost their fathers in some way. Sending love to you and yours - Happy Father's Day! xoxo

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