When Should Naptime Stop for Kids? The Answer May Surprise You! by Nicole DeAvilla

7 years ago

When Should Naptime Stop for Kids? The Answer May Surprise You!

Children do outgrow the need to have a daily nap. The question is, when do we stop insisting that they have one?

Invariably it's not black and white. Some days they don't seem to need one and others they obviously do need that nap to help keep everyone happy in the house! At our house we never stopped nap time. It developed into quiet time. When our kids said they weren't tired they were allowed to "read" (picture books are fine) in bed. They just had to rest in bed. It was their choice to read, look out the window, daydream or fall asleep. Note: Screen time was never part of quiet time. It's not restful!

Quiet time only stopped when homework and school activities took over. However, the habit is still there. Our 18- and 20-year-olds still will initiate their own quiet time to go read a book.

Marylynne Schwartz
I hope nap time never ends!! I need it
Nicole DeAvilla
Hi @Marylynne. I know the feeling! Definitely incorporate rest time as your kids get older. It's good for them and it's good for you. :)
Donna John
When I watch my grandson, we either have quiet time or straight out go to sleep. :-) It's all based on his behavior and how he's feeling that day. Good tip!
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks. That's perfect @donna.
Elisa Schmitz
Bahaha, Marylynne Schwartz! I remember the feeling well, and so miss naptime now that my kids are older! With teenagers, naptime is on weekend mornings when they sleep in - YES! Great tip, Nicole DeAvilla!
Chef Gigi
I agree! I love to nap! So do both my adult kids- My absolute fav pastime - wait, maybe eating is- ok Napping is my second fav thing! Thank you for confirming its ok no matter what age ! Nicole DeAvilla
Nicole DeAvilla
Snack time and nap time never go out of fashion!
Jan Mostrom
Our house is called the napping house Nicole DeAvilla! And my kids napped until the first day of kindergarten and then often on the way home from school! And we still love them! Great advice!

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