Having Trouble Balancing Work & Family Life, Mom? Try These 3 Ideas! by Christina Marshall-Valdez

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7 years ago

Having Trouble Balancing Work & Family Life, Mom? Try These 3 Ideas!

Like many other career-oriented women, I also long to also be the perfect wife and mom that puts nutritious food on the table by 7 p.m., washes/folds/stows laundry before the underwear drawer is empty and gives everyone undivided attention every time it's needed. But, I'm not a perfect wife and mom.

However, I've managed to create a happy home because I've found ways to balance where I invest my time and energy. My biggest tip to other moms is to stack moments wherever you can to maximize your time. Examples: 

  • My husband and I cook dinner together so we can talk, catch up and make plans for the week. 
  • Laundry time is workout time. While a load is in the washer/dryer, I do a home workout. 
  • I block time on my work calendar for lunch to ensure I can eat and check in on my family.

It's working for us!

Elisa Schmitz
I'm so excited to see your first 30Second Mom tip, Christina Marshall-Valdez! And, it's a great tip - I'm always looking for ways to find that elusive balance. I especially love how you and the hubs find time to talk while you're cooking together - way to go!
Jennison Grigsby
Love the laundry idea!
Elisa Schmitz
I agree, Jennison Grigsby! Smart use of time in between cycles - and probably the right amount of time to do a workout, too. Great ideas, Christina Marshall-Valdez!
Christine Jones
Thank you for joining out tribe! Love these ideas especially #1. When we open a bottle of wine and cook together we actually enjoy prepping, cooking and washing up afterwards! It's also great for my kids to see both parents helping in the kitchen.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for the reminder that no one is perfect (and I love the laundry/workout tip, too)!

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