9 Cool Phone Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Money & Your Sanity! by Christine Jones

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8 years ago

9 Cool Phone Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Money & Your Sanity!

We spend hours on our phones scrolling through Facebook and looking at our Instagram feeds. But if you tear yourself away just for a few moments, there are some really neat hacks that you can do with your phone that will save you time and money (so you can go back to scrolling). You'll never look at your phone the same way again!

  1. Take a photo of your insurance card so you never scramble at the doctor again.
  2. Take a picture of your child's spelling list so you can test them anywhere.
  3. Snap a photo of where you parked.
  4. Snap a still of your child's school or camp calendar so you always have it handy.
  5. Take a pic of the inside of your pantry and fridge so when you're out shopping you only buy what you need.
  6. If you're taking your kids to a crowded place like an amusement park or water park, snap a photo of them so you have a recent photo and what they're wearing.
  7. Change the background on your lock screen to have your name and contact info in case of emergency (either make an infographic or just type or write it out on a piece of paper and take a photo of it).
  8. Screenshot travel directions. Take a screen shot of the list of directions in case you go into an area with limited service.
  9. If you have an e-ticket, whether for a movie, concert or flight, take a screenshot of it so you have it handy in case you don't have service.

If you have the Lumee phone case you'll never need a candle to see the menu again. (It also allows you to take the best selfies if you're into that kind of thing!)

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Elisa Schmitz
OK, these are REALLY great ideas, Chrissy! Love the takeaways, thanks!
Jennison Grigsby
Love these! #6 is great!
Kelli Porcaro
Yes! I NEED to do #3! I am forever lost in the parking lot!! 😭😭

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