Teach Your Child His Left From His Right Foot! Putting Shoes on the Right Feet is Easy for Kids if You Do This… by Christine Jones

a year ago

If your kids are struggling with recognizing which shoes go on the correct feet, here is a quick and easy way to help!

  • Have your child pick out their favorite sticker.
  • Cut the sticker in half.
  • Place each side in the corresponding shoe.

When your child goes to put his or her shoes on, all he or she has to do is make the sticker match! With this easy trick, kids can learn independence, confidence and how to tell their left from their right. They will be putting their own shoes on and running out the door in no time!

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Cheryl Leahy
I adore this tip! I will be using it for Bryson AND Charlotte!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Such a great tip, Chrissy Jones! And Bryson could not have been any cuter or more on point, Cheryl Leahy! Talented kids you have!! xoxo

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