Practice Positive Parenting: How Positive Phrasing Can Help Kids Make Better Choices! by Jennison Grigsby

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7 years ago

Practice Positive Parenting: How Positive Phrasing Can Help Kids Make Better Choices!

Raising children can sometimes be exhausting and frustrating. Remembering to speak positively with your children will not only help your child to choose more positive behaviors, but can also create a more positive home environment for all. When stating expectations for your child, always phrase your statement in the positive. Some examples:

  • Instead of "Don't hit your brother” say "Be kind to your brother."
  • Instead of "Don't interrupt” say "Wait until I'm finished speaking.”
  • Instead of "Don't play with the ball inside" say "Please play with that toy outside."

Positive phrasing helps children to feel safe and cared for as they practice making positive choices. Happy positive parenting!

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Mike Prochaska
Yes great tips... my favorites right now are use your words..
It's very important to remember that the child can perceive your words in his own way. You may not want to tell your child something offensive, but sometimes children took it as something terrible. When parents get angry, they often just don’t remember what they say. However, you must be very careful, otherwise, your child may be offended by you and will feel miserable. You need to carefully select the words if you tell your child that his parents are getting divorced. In this situation, so important to choose the right words and use them so that the child doesn't feel guilty about this. After all, children are so sensitive and impressionable. Please, if you and your spouse decide to divorce, take care of your child’s psychological preparation for this. Divorce on is a complex process for everyone. But don't forget about children who aren't yet confident in themselves and in this world. They should know that after the divorce they will still be loved, and it doesn't matter if the parents live together or not.

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