This FREE Math App Makes Bedtime Fun for Kids & Improves Their Math Scores! by Christine Jones

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5 years ago
This FREE Math App Makes Bedtime Fun for Kids & Improves Their Math Scores!

Who doesn’t need or at least want to shake up the kid bedtime routine?!! Bedtime Math is a FREE app that gives you a daily math problem, a surprise math problem, as well as you have the option to search any math problem in their archive. The topics are all fun and ones that appeal to kids such as pillow fights, frogs, cupcakes and bug soup. (I mean seriously, can you think of better topics?!)

You read the very short setup story, and then depending on the age of your kids, select the appropriate level question from Wee Ones, Little Kids, and Big Kids. My kids love doing the problems and I’m so thankful for not having to read some book for the 97th time at bedtime. But best of all, you can use this app anytime--in the carpool line, at the grocery store checkout  or waiting with your kids in an airport or a restaurant.

The University of Chicago recently released a study that shows that the Bedtime Math app significantly improves kid's math performance.  Read about it here

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