Sharing Pictures of Your Kids Online? Keep This in Mind When You Do! by Holly Budde

Sharing Pictures of Your Kids Online? Keep This in Mind When You Do!

I tell my kids, "Don’t embarrass your future self with your online posts." That means if they wouldn’t be proud of it on a public billboard, they might want to reconsider! That being said, I pay close attention to what I share of them. I only share pictures on platforms I can control. 

As moms and mom bloggers, we should take a look at our posts and pictures and make sure our kids wouldn’t be embarrassed for their friends and peers to see it. Respecting your kids teaches them to respect themselves!

Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
My son's are on their way to college and at their college orientation they told us that businesses are using social media to check out potential employees, so watch out what you post because it could cost you a job in the future!

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