How Art Therapy Can Help Parents & Kids De-stress, Express & Manage Emotions! by Mei Marcie

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7 years ago

How Art Therapy Can Help Parents & Kids De-stress, Express & Manage Emotions!

Art therapy uses art to help explore, express, understand and manage emotions better. It’s used in hospital group settings, but you can also try it at home for yourself, your kids or your whole family. Here are five ideas! 

  • If you or your child is managing emotions such as sadness, try painting just emotions. 
  • If it's anger, create a postcard that you will not send to the person you're angry with.
  • If it's for relaxation, paint with music. 
  • Draw on a huge canvas – it will let your feelings flow. 
  • If you'd like to capture happiness, draw a perfect day as a family. 

And, be sure to turn off your tech devices! 

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Chef Gigi
Love this! Mei Mei Marcie You're so right the minute I start doing something artistic I immediately get really chilled out ! This is what cookie decorating does for me !! ( blush )

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