Celebrate #AppreciateYourChildDay & Spread the Word! by Gail Harris

7 years ago

Celebrate #AppreciateYourChildDay & Spread the Word!

Your child is changing daily. One minute she’s born, the next she’s walking and talking. Then comes kindergarten, soccer team, middle school, high school and they’re out the door. 

Did you notice anything different today? 

A tuned mom is a happy mom. Are her pants too short? Did you hug him enough? Is he on the Internet too much? Did she eat right? Did he have a tantrum? What color are her clothes? Did he say anything funny? Is he sad today? 

Whatever you’re doing, don’t let the day pass without being sure your child knows you love him or her. #AppreciateYourChildDay is every day!

Donna John
Thanks for reminding us to watch for the little things, Gail Harris!
Gail Harris
Yea, it helps me to remember, too. Thanks.
Gail Harris
Sure, Donna, As i said below to Meredith, we all need to keep reminding each other.
Meredith Schneider
Love this! With 4 kids it can be easy to overlook the little things. Slowing down today to cherish them a little extra today. MUWAH! <3
Gail Harris
Oh, 4 can be overwhelming in this regard. Well, we all need to keep supporting each other. Thanks, Meredith.
Elisa Schmitz
Love this timely tip, Gail Harris! We all need to slow down and appreciate the little things (and little ones)! 💗

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