New Baby Survival Guide: 5 Must-Know Tips for New Moms From a New Mom by Kelly Wonderlin

6 years ago
New Baby Survival Guide: 5 Must-Know Tips for New Moms From a New Mom

I'm a new mom – and the last four months have been both the best and hardest of my life. I either knew what I was doing or I was clueless. 

With every new baby it’s a learning process. Your baby will never be exactly like your other kids or like your friend's. Here are five things I learned very fast:

  • Zippy onesies at night are a lifesaver.
  • Keep diapers nearby – accidents happen.
  • Baby bottles aren’t cheap. Try a few different ones before buying a lot of only one brand.

You're going to do great, Mom. Enjoy your precious new baby.

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