Morning Sickness Soothers: 6 Ways Pregnant Moms Can Curb the Queasy! by Dr. Kimi Suh

a year ago
Morning Sickness Soothers: 6 Ways Pregnant Moms Can Curb the Queasy!

Morning sickness can be a huge frustration in early pregnancy. Surprisingly, the less you eat, the more nauseated you may feel. Here are some morning sickness soothers to try: 

  • Before you get out of bed, try eating a few crackers. 
  • Limit your morning movements as much as possible. 
  • Once you start your day, eat several small snacks and meals throughout the day. 
  • Foods/drinks containing ginger may help.
  • If your prenatal vitamin makes you sick in the morning, try taking it in the evening instead. 
  • If you're still having nausea, talk to your doctor so you can discuss medications and vitamins to help you.

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Molly Laird
Crackers by my bed!! Works like a charm!
Nicole DeAvilla
I had to do all of those tips! Thanks for sharing Dr. Kimi Suh

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