Are You Happy? 3 Happiness Facts You Need to Know! by Dr. Christina Hibbert

10 months ago

Are you happy? Here are a few facts! 

  • Happiness is an emotion, a feeling that can change, just like the weather. 
  • Some are more naturally happy than others. Some of us have to work harder to feel this emotion.  
  • Research shows that 50 percent of our happiness has nothing to do with our biology or circumstances. 

This is great because it means if we want to feel happier, we can work on it and make improvements. This means we CAN feel happier, and experience joy! Find ways to get started here!

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Kristy Dominiak
Great insight! That means we all have the power to get our "happy on" and turn that adjective into a noun. Happy can be a state of being. Thanks, Dr. Hibbert!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I agree, Kristy Dominiak! Your chat last night was awesome. And I love this tip by Dr. Christina Hibbert! xoxo
Erin Musto
That is one most don't think about... the 50% that is choosing and building those habits.

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