Love Yourself, Mom, in All Ways: Self-worth Can't be Measured By the Scale! by Pauline Campos

10 years ago

Love Yourself, Mom, in All Ways: Self-worth Can't be Measured By the Scale!

Don't shoot the messenger ... yet. I'm not here to say losing a few pounds (or more) isn't a benefit when you you're down to yoga pants and refuse to buy bigger jeans. That's pretty much where I'm at right now, so I speak from experience. That means we're supposed to relate, yes? 

My point is this: Forget the finish line. Forget the goal. Unless you learn to love yourself just the way you are, you're not going to like yourself 10 pounds lighter, either. 

Self-worth should never be measured by numbers on a scale. Focus on how you feel. It makes a world of difference!

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Kim Kusiciel
This is perfectly said!! Yes!!
Donna John
Yes! Tho just yesterday I said, "When I lose 10 pounds..." :-) We need to change our mindsets! Pauline Campos

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