Power Poses: How to Engage Your Inner Superhero for Success During Stress! by Allison Peacock

5 years ago
Power Poses: How to Engage Your Inner Superhero for Success During Stress!

Did you know that your posture can affect your brain chemistry and mood, and in return, your personal effectiveness? Next time the kids ignore you like you're invisible or you have a pressing pitch or business meeting, try one of these two ideas:

  • Strike the Wonder Woman pose
  • Throw your arms over your head in a "V" shape as if you've just won a marathon

Engaging these poses for about two minutes not only increases focus and testosterone levels, but also helps your body resist the dreaded cortisol reaction to stress. Suddenly you ARE the superhero your kids and boss want to listen to. Try it. It works!

The Movie’s Great, But You’re the Real Wonder Woman – Here’s Why!

Power Posing: When the Bully Wins, Become a Superhero in 2 Minutes!

Want to Make Motherhood Even Better? Practice Mindfulness!

Kim Kusiciel
Love this idea and I am totally going to use it. Thanks!
Donna John
We should do this every day, Allison Peacock!

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