Moms: Why Replacing Our Footwear Goes Way Beyond the Shoes (30-Second Video) by Jan Mostrom

a month ago

Sometimes I’m so focused on what the kids need that I forget about myself. Sound familiar? For instance…

I love to workout. I do lots of different activities. But one of the things I was noticing is that some of the things I normally did were making me hurt a little bit more than usual. So I checked out my footwear and as you can see in the video, there’s no tread left.

So it’s really important to remember you, moms! Because we have to replace our footwear just like we replace our kids’ shoes.

To do any kind of exercise, whether you’re just a recreational walker or you’re a boot camp person, you need good footwear. Don’t forget yourself!

Fellow moms: We need to replace our shoes but there’s a bigger lesson here. Remember that we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so true. Moms always put everyone's needs ahead of their own. Many thanks for the very important reminder, Jan Mostrom !
Self care is family care 🙏🏼

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